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Because of an episode of This is Us, the topic of slow cooker safety has gotten a lot of attention lately. Consumer Reports states that it is possible, in theory, for a slow cooker to start a fire, but the odds of it happening are actually pretty low. Many other kitchen appliances, such as ranges,

Medical science has come a long way in improving care for babies born prematurely. Thanks to advances in medical technology, most babies born after 24 weeks of gestation are now able to survive if they are given proper care. But despite all the progress that has been made, one simple fact remains: the bodies of

Recently, a couple from San Antonio, Texas was convicted after a dog they owned viciously mauled their 73-year-old neighbor Doris Mixon Smith. Alphonso McCloud was sentenced to four years in prison and his wife, Stanyelle Miles-McCloud was sentenced to ten years of probation. On March 6, 2017 Mixon Smith had been gardening in her front

Without a doubt, Michigan’s no-fault auto insurance law is one of the most unique — and controversial — laws in the state. If you’re severely injured in a car accident, the benefits you can receive under the Michigan no-fault law are absolutely priceless. But others see the law as being the reason for the fact

Every type of medical procedure comes with its own benefits and risks and amniotomy, or artificially rupturing the amniotic sac surrounding a baby, is just one of them. Amniotomy is commonly used if a mother is overdue and her water hasn’t broken yet, to allow for fetal monitoring, or to test the color of the

In a surprise decision, the jury hearing the case of Justin Smith, a dog owner in Cass County, Michigan whose dog was accused of mauling two young children and their grandmother, was found not guilty. After a three-day trial, the six-person jury unanimously found that Smith’s dog was not involved in the attack. Smith had

In a state like Michigan, winter driving isn’t always easy. Even if you make every effort to stay safe on the roads, from making sure your car is prepared to handle winter conditions to following best winter driving practices, there’s still a chance that you could still end up being involved in a car accident.

If you’re a small business owner, there’s nothing better than hearing that your customers are happy with a product you manufacture or sell. You want to hear stories about how something you sold or made helped solve a problem, how a product lasted for years, or how a product simply made a person happy. The

Newborns very often have at least one type of medical condition shortly after birth, such as jaundice. Jaundice is one of the most common types of health conditions that occurs in newborns, affecting about 60% of all newborns. Jaundice occurs when an infant has a high level of bilirubin in its bloodstream. If a baby’s

Kicking a smoking habit is a great way to lead a healthier lifestyle, but it’s definitely not an easy thing to do. In recent years, thousands of people looking to stop smoking, or at least cut back on it, have turned to e-cigarettes as a way to ease their way out of the habit. E-cigarettes