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Every job, regardless of industry or environment, comes with its own sets of occupational hazards. Even a seemingly mundane office setting can be full of hazards ranging from heavy boxes to carpal tunnel syndrome. However, some jobs are inherently riskier than others, even when proper steps are taken to keep workers safe. Not only do

It’s very common for people to have fear and anxiety about death. Many people are afraid of dying in very specific ways, such as in car accidents, as an act of homicide, or even in shark attacks. In reality, many of the most common causes of death are much more mundane. According to a new

The long, cold winter months are over and it’s finally almost time to start getting those bikes out of storage. Whether you’re looking for a way to stay fit, have fun, or to get around town in an environmentally-friendly way, bicycling has a lot of amazing benefits to offer. While bicycling can be a fun

With the growing number of blighted buildings being demolished or slated for demolition in Detroit and elsewhere around Michigan, more and more contractors are looking to expand their businesses to meet that demand. Since asbestos was very commonly used in older homes, it needs to be removed before a home can be demolished, so many

No dog owner ever wants to believe that their beloved pet could ever hurt anyone, but the sheer number of dog bites that occur in America every year suggests otherwise.  According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), over 4 million people in the United States are bitten by dogs every year, with children being

We all need all need a source of income to be able to get by in the world. If you’re dealing with an illness, injury, or disability that makes it impossible for you to work, one option to help get the money you need to cover your day-to-day expenses is by applying for SSDI benefits

Getting behind the wheel of a car when you’re tired can pose a very serious danger to yourself and to other drivers on the road. Drowsy drivers have slower reaction times and have a harder time focusing on everything that’s going on around them. It’s estimated that drowsy driving caused 72,000 car accidents in 2013,

In March 2015, Steve Esmond, his wife Theresa, and their teenage sons Ryan and Sean traveled to the U.S. Virgin Islands for the vacation of a lifetime. The family had booked their accommodations at a luxurious condo in a resort in St. John. Their vacation suddenly turned from a dream to a nightmare when the

As the water crisis in Flint continues, millions of people in the state of Michigan and across the country are demanding answers about how something like this could have happened and what could have been done to stop it. A big way to get answers to those questions would involve finding out exactly what Governor

Now that so many reviews of just about anything are just a Google search away, people can do their research before making nearly any kind of commitment. If you’re taking a trip, you can find reviews of the hotels you’re considering staying at. If you’re shopping for a new car, you can easily look up