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Almost exactly two years after four flight attendants became ill while working on a flight traveling from Boston to San Diego, the flight attendants have filed a lawsuit against Boeing, saying a design defect in their aircraft exposed them to toxic fumes, resulting in long-term health problems. The way most Boeing aircraft are designed, cabins

On July 2, 2015, Fiat Chrysler will be the subject of a public hearing conducted by the NHTSA over what they deem to be repeated instances of having a careless attitude toward recalling defective vehicles. Just days before the hearing, the NHTSA has added two more recall cases to the agenda for the hearing. Originally,

2015 Michigan Bar Exam Results

Wednesday, 24 June 2015 by

If you took the Michigan  bar exam in February 2015,  you should have already heard whether or not you passed. Results were released on May 5, 2015 and are available on the Michigan Board of Law Examiners website. You also should have received a results packet in the mail. If you never received your result

Former Detroit City Councilwoman Monica Conyers is suing the owners of a McDonald’s franchise over an injury she sustained while visiting their location at Detroit Metropolitan Airport. On the afternoon of January 1, 2015, Monica Conyers was at Detroit Metropolitan Airport to catch a flight to Washington D.C., where she planned to watch her husband,

The ongoing saga surrounding General Motors and their use of faulty ignition switches in vehicles continues to get more complicated. Lawyers handling a lawsuit against the automaker have now amended their suit to accuse General Motors of racketeering. It’s important to note these racketeering charges are not the criminal charges from the U.S. Justice Department,

All employers, regardless of industry, are required to provide a workplace for their employees that is free of excessive danger. Although some industries come with some inherent hazards, such as construction, there’s no excuse for workplaces to be needlessly dangerous. If you believe your workplace is unsafe and something poses an imminent danger, you do

Even though all drivers are legally required to carry auto insurance, unfortunately, there are too many drivers on the road who are either driving without insurance or driving with minimal insurance coverage. AAA of Michigan estimates about 21% of Michigan drivers are driving without insurance. But what can you do to protect yourself if you’re

As we head into summer, many industries, such as agriculture, landscaping, and construction, are entering their peak work season. People who work in these industries are starting to spend long days working outside, doing very physically demanding work in increasingly hot temperatures. During the summer months, it’s essential for anyone who spends a great deal

Although it is still undecided whether or not General Motors will be facing criminal charges over their use of defective ignition switches and their delay in issuing a recall, the NHTSA has admitted to some fault in matter. The NHTSA’s admission comes in light of reports by the Transportation Department’s Office of Inspector General and

The NHTSA has announced a final rule that will require electronic stability control (ESC) technology to be used in heavy tractor trucks and large buses that weigh 26,000 pounds or more in gross weight. For most heavy tractor trucks, the new rule will become effective within the next two years, but buses weighing 33,000 pounds