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In response to what the organization sees as an excessively slow recall process with low repair rates, the NHTSA has announced it will hold a public hearing on July 2 to address whether or not Fiat Chrysler took adequate steps to repair defective vehicles. Chrysler isn’t just facing scrutiny for their response to one recall;

Steven Constantine, who was viciously attacked by a pack of dogs in October 2014, has been awarded $100 million in a civil lawsuit against the Derick Felton, the owner of the dogs. With such a large amount of money being awarded, it’s not known how much money Constantine will actually collect, but the judgment has

The NHTSA has announced it will be taking steps to make vehicle-to-vehicle communication (V2V communication) technology widely available to consumers sooner. V2V communication technology enables vehicles of all types, including cars, busses, trucks, and trains, to relay important information to each other, which could potentially help to prevent car accidents from happening. V2V communication uses

“Don’t worry, my dog doesn’t bite!” These are the words dog bite victims often hear right before they are bitten. Of course, dog owners love their dogs and don’t want to believe their dogs would ever hurt another person, but simply put, dogs do bite. 4.5 million people every year become the victims of dog

The New York Times recently ran a series of articles investigating the labor practices and working conditions of nail salons located in New York City and the northeastern part of the country. Although their investigation only looked at salons in a specific area, the findings of the articles were shocking enough to cause a national

Blue Bell Creameries, the producers of Blue Bell ice cream and its various other ice cream products, have recently come under a great deal of public scrutiny. In March of 2015, they announced recalls of certain products after five cases of listeriosis were reported in Kansas that were believed to be linked to their ice

A jury has ordered Oakwood Hospital to pay $21 million to the family of a patient who died after the hospital mistakenly performed brain surgery on her instead of another patient. 81-year-old Bimla Nayyar was a patient at Oakwood Hospital in January 2012 for treatment of her temporomandibular joint. The hospital initially claimed they mistakenly

Construction workers often find themselves working in situations that could very easily become dangerous. They often work with heavy equipment, at elevated heights, and in tight, confined spaces. Confined spaces like manholes, silos, tunnels and crawlspaces are particularly hazardous because not only is there limited room for workers to make an emergency escape, they are

Sebastiano Quagliata and Valbona Lucaj, the couple who owned two cane corso dogs who mauled a jogger to death on July 23, 2014, have each entered a no contest plea to manslaughter charges for owning a dangerous dog causing death. The couple had been facing second degree murder charges, but those charges were dropped as

Even as we seem to be heading toward an increasingly paperless world, Americans still consume a tremendous amount of paper and paper products every year. The EPA estimates that we use 69 million tons of paper and paperboard and publish 2 billion books, 350 million magazines, and 24 billion newspapers annually in the United States.