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There isn’t just one basic type of car accident. There are several different types of car accidents and some types of car accidents are more dangerous than others. Rollover crashes are one of the rarer types of car accidents, but they are one of the most dangerous car accidents. According to the Institute for Highway

It’s been approximately one year since the water reaching Flint residents was officially declared to be unsafe to drink. Although the national media firestorm surrounding the crisis has started to calm down, that doesn’t mean the Flint Water Crisis is over. In fact, the residents of Flint are still facing a great deal of uncertainty.

When Samsung released their Galaxy Note 7 smartphones on August 19, 2016, millions of tech fans around the world were excited to get their hands on the new device. Pre-orders for the Note 7 were extremely strong, even breaking records in some parts of the world. But less than two weeks after the phone’s release,

What Does Workers’ Comp Cover?

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If you’ve been injured on the job, you’re facing a lot of expenses that you shouldn’t be personally responsible for paying. Medical bills, hospital stays, and rehabilitation costs all add up fast and that’s not including the income you stand to lose from being forced to take time off from work. Workers’ compensation is intended

Police officers. Construction workers. Oil rig workers. All of these are jobs with a reputation for being very dangerous for workers. When compared to those sorts of jobs, driving a commercial truck might seem like a pretty safe career choice. You aren’t directly dealing with criminals, don’t spend lots of time working at high elevations,

When you check into the hospital for surgery or any other medical procedure, you check in believing that you will be receiving the highest level of care. You trust that your doctor knows exactly what they’re doing, that the nurses know how to best care for you, and, at the very least, the people taking

For millions of Americans, the thrill of heading out on for a ride on a motorcycle is simply impossible to resist. Thanks to movies like Easy Rider, motorcycles have long been seen as a symbol of freedom. But if you’re a motorcyclist, it’s very important to remember to ride safely because it can very easily

When it comes to products that are sold to consumers, there are many different government agencies tasked with monitoring product safety and keeping dangerous and defective products away from consumers. The NHTSA handles motor vehicle safety while the Consumer Product Safety Commission watches out for a multitude of other consumer products. The USDA handles safety

On June 7, 2016, a group of nine bicyclists known as the Chain Gang were taking their weekly 28-mile bike ride near Kalamazoo when they were struck by a truck driven by Charles Pickett Jr. 5 bicyclists were killed and 4 were injured in the accident. Following the accident, Pickett was arrested and police officers

Thousands of car accidents happen throughout the country every year, but not all car accidents are exactly alike. A very minor fender-bender in a parking lot isn’t going to need to be handled the same way as an accident that involves multiple cars. If you’ve been injured in a car accident, calling an attorney is