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A new bill proposed in the senate would make it easier to bring home your road kill, and, well, eat it or do whatever you want with the dead animal. If you’re driving along and hit a deer, then why shouldn’t you be able to take it? It’s likely caused injury to your car, and

Only a few weeks ago we covered a proposed bill that would require all Michigan drivers to replace their license plates after 10 years. Well, the state has spoken and Rick Snyder signed Public Act 179 of 2013 into law. Traverse City state representative Wayne Schmidt sponsored the bill that goes into effect in the

The Michigan Senate approved two new bills last Thursday: 1) would allow car companies to test self-driving cars on public roads, and 2) puts an expiration date on your license plate. Remember, these are not new laws, yet. They are still proposals that must be approved by the governor and Michigan’s House of Representatives. As