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Image Source: Yauhen_D / Shutterstock.com It is estimated that distracted driving plays a role in about 80 percent of the car accidents that occur today. That is why more drivers today are opting to use infotainment systems. In fact, many of the new cars are already fitted with infotainment systems that allow people to use voice

In the early years of the automobile industry, cars were made with heavy-duty materials that could easily absorb collisions at the posted speeds back in those days. As the cars got faster and the speed limits started increasing, death by auto accidents became more than a passing concern. In response to this new phenomenon, automobile

Even if you are a very cautious driver, there is always the chance that you will be involved in a car accident. Negligence plays a role in many of the auto accidents that occur each year and too many innocent, responsible drivers are injured as a result. There are a multitude of reasons why a

Labor Day weekend is just around the corner, which many people consider to be the official end of the summer. This time of year, lots of people are spending their free time out and about, trying to fit in as much fun as the can before the end of the season. But if your idea

As a motorcyclist, there are a lot of things you have to do to ride safely and legally. You need to have the right protective gear and you have to get your motorcycle endorsement through the Secretary of State or Department of Motor Vehicles. Another thing you might want to consider doing is taking a

Even though all drivers are legally required to carry auto insurance, unfortunately, there are too many drivers on the road who are either driving without insurance or driving with minimal insurance coverage. AAA of Michigan estimates about 21% of Michigan drivers are driving without insurance. But what can you do to protect yourself if you’re

The NHTSA has announced a final rule that will require electronic stability control (ESC) technology to be used in heavy tractor trucks and large buses that weigh 26,000 pounds or more in gross weight. For most heavy tractor trucks, the new rule will become effective within the next two years, but buses weighing 33,000 pounds

Despite moving very quickly through the Michigan Senate, a bill proposing changes to Michigan’s no-fault insurance law hasn’t made any progress since it made its way to the Michigan House of Representatives in April 2014. The bill in question, SB 248, has been met with a great deal of outrage from hospitals, accident victims, and

Nearly a year after Saturday Night Live and 30 Rock star Tracy Morgan was severely injured in an accident involving a Walmart truck driver, Walmart has reached a settlement with the comedian for an undisclosed amount. Although terms of the settlement were not disclosed, Morgan seems pleased with the outcome. In a statement, he said,

Despite widespread efforts to raise awareness of how dangerous it can be to use a cell phone while driving, too many people still can’t seem to resist looking at their phones while behind the wheel. A survey recently released by AT&T revealed that although texting and sending e-mails are still the most common way people