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Last week, Sen. Tupac Hunter introduced a bill that would require all of Michigan’s registered vehicles to have 2 license plates: one in the front and one in the rear. Why? It cuts down on crime because it makes every car more identifiable. Currently there are 32 other states that require dual license plates. Ohio

I believe the children are our future Teach them well and let them lead the way Show them all the beauty they possess inside Give them a sense of pride to make it easier Let the children’s laughter remind us how we used to be – Whitney Houston Goodwin & Scieszka wants to remind all

People often forget that in Michigan it’s illegal to text and drive. Did you know, according to the National Safety Council, that nearly 3 million people are injured in automobile accidents each year? That’s nearly 1 accident every minute. Texting and driving is a substantial cause of these accidents, and Goodwin & Scieszka doesn’t want

Our roads are deteriorating because of our harsh Michigan winters and the lack of resources to overhaul the state’s roads. Did you know that you sometimes can sue the governmental entity that’s responsible for maintaining your roads? Seriously, there’s a statute that confers the right to sue the person/entity that’s responsible for maintaining the roads:

Bases on reports by the Michigan State Police, from 2009-2012, encounters between deer and motor vehicles has dropped substantially: 61,486 to 48,918 based on traffic reports. People are in agreement that the numbers are down, but there’s disagreement as to the cause. Are people driving less? Are there less deer? Are people driving better and

According to the Michigan Deer Crash Coalition, October and November are the most dangerous months for deer accidents. Did you know that in 2011, there were 48,918 reported car-deer crashes in Michigan? According to the Michigan Deer Crash Coalition’s Chairman, Richard J. Miller: “Statistics show that most motorist deaths and injuries occur when drivers swerve

Goodwin & Scieszka is a Michigan personal injury law firm that specializes in Michigan car, truck, and motorcycle accidents. In an effort to inform drivers, we would like to draw attention to only some of the government’s efforts to make the roads safer by regulating the trucking industry. Drug and Alcohol Testing Drivers are required

I’ve been in a car accident, but what do I do? Follow the Goodwin and Scieszka 5 steps: Call 911. It’s a crime not to call the police. Police officers will issue the necessary tickets, and paramedics will tend to any and all injuries. It’s essential to mitigate injuries as much as possible. Even if

There was an article I read that struck a chord with me, and I felt like I should blog about the dangers of road rage. Last month, two men in Ionia, Michigan were driving down M-66 when a driver began to tailgate Jim Pullman. The driver got so close to Jim’s car that he was

Goodwin & Scieszka finds it important to remind all drivers that all of Michigan’s neighborhood streets need safe driving protection. As I walked outside of my house today, I saw a car barreling down my street at well over 25 mph, which is the posted speed limit in all residential neighborhoods in Michigan. So what