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For millions of people across the country, running and jogging is their favorite way to stay fit. If you’re a fan of running, you know exactly how great it feels to come home from a long day at work, lace up your running shoes, and go for a run to burn off some stress. Unfortunately,

Accidents like slip and falls, dog bites, and car accidents can easily happen to anyone. Being injured in an accident is a very scary and overwhelming experience, especially when you have the added frustration of feeling like your accident could have been prevented. Although there are many situations in life we plan ahead for, most

What better way to spend a nice fall day than by going out for a drive to admire the beautiful fall color? Michigan is home to some of the most spectacular fall color in the entire country, so it’s wonderful to be able to go out and enjoy it. Or if you aren’t heading out

There isn’t just one basic type of car accident. There are several different types of car accidents and some types of car accidents are more dangerous than others. Rollover crashes are one of the rarer types of car accidents, but they are one of the most dangerous car accidents. According to the Institute for Highway

Applying for social security disability benefits (SSDI) can be a very overwhelming process. The Social Security Administration (SSA) has very strict requirements to qualify for SSDI benefits, including the type of ailment you have, your work history, and whether or not they believe you may be able to do another type of work. With so

We all need to have a way to earn a living, but that doesn’t mean you should have to put yourself in harm’s way just to be able to earn your paycheck. There are many different ways a person could be injured on the job and some jobs are inherently riskier than others. But no

Now that the weather is nice and warm, one thing millions of people enjoy doing is going out for bike rides. Riding a bike is a fun way to get around, stay in shape, save money, and do something good for the environment all at the same time. Unfortunately, since bicycles and are so much

The long, cold winter months are over and it’s finally almost time to start getting those bikes out of storage. Whether you’re looking for a way to stay fit, have fun, or to get around town in an environmentally-friendly way, bicycling has a lot of amazing benefits to offer. While bicycling can be a fun

If you’re a Flint resident, you very likely have a lot of questions about the ongoing water crisis and what resources are available to help you. The Law Offices of Goodwin & Scieszka completely understand your frustration and outrage over the situation and we want to help by answering some of the most important questions

Getting into a car accident can be a very upsetting event. Nobody leaves their home expecting to get into a car accident, so it’s very common to get startled and panic if you do end up getting into one. One of the first things people think when they’ve been in a car accident is, “What