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How to Have a Safe Bonfire This Summer

by / Sunday, 14 July 2013 / Published in Tips

There’s nothing more nostalgic than sitting around a summer campfire. And as more people hit Michigan’s many camping spots this summer, we want to raise awareness in an effort to reduce fire-related injuries.

Before you begin, you’re going to need to collect your tinder and wood. Collect only as much as you need. If you are entertaining a large group, then you’re going to need bigger logs for a lengthier burn. If you’re merely cooking dinner, then get smaller logs.

Building a fire only as big as your specific needs significantly reduces the likelihood of an unfortunate bonfire injury.

To build a proper fire:

Marshmallow roasting in flame over campfire

  1. Find a spot that’s at least 10 ft. away from trees and brush on all sides
  2. Clear your space of all dead leaves, twigs, and other unnecessary debris that could catch
  3. If you’re working with soggy ground, then build a bed out of either leaves or logs
  4. Surround your space with rocks to contain your fire
  5. As you stack your wood, remember that your fire is going to need oxygen. While there are many ways to stack wood, so long as it’s stable and can breathe then you’ll be alright
  6. Embed your timber within your bigger logs and light from the lowest point
  7. While your fire burns, don’t leave it unattended and have a fire extinguisher or bucket of water incase something goes awry
  8. Douse your embers multiple times after your fire has burned

People are often injured from fires that exceed their intended size, are improperly extinguished, and even from simply falling into them because the campsite is too cluttered. Using hazardous materials that give off toxic fumes should always be avoided. And if you see another camper with a fire that looks dangerous, then you should contact a park employee, or see if you can’t have them reduce their fire’s size. If you really feel threatened, then just move your campsite.

Negligent fires lead to injuries, and if you’ve been injured as a result of someone else’s inexperience, then there are legal remedies available. Our firm specializes in all types of personal injury accidents, and we use our blog as a means to educate people to avoid the very injuries we defend. Check back often for more updates.

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