On Air with WMUZ on Law Day

On Air with WMUZ on Law Day

by / Thursday, 18 July 2013 / Published in Goodwin & Scieszka
Goodwin & Scieszka at annual law day

June 9, 2013, Law Day, Russell Jalbert and Bob Dutko broadcasted live from Goodwin and Scieszka at 15 Mile Rd. and Woodward.

This is what they talked about:

They talked about the NSA tracking our moves online. It was described as very “Orwellian.” Both men seemed uneasy about the government’s involvement in our lives. They quickly moved on to talking about the stock market.

According to Russell Jalbert, the stock market and the economy are no longer mutually exclusive. Unemployment is rising, and while jobs are being added, job growth is not as high as it should be. The American people have lost faith in the stock market, and according to Jalbert, no new families have come into his office looking to invest in the market.

The men wonder when the Federal Reserve is going to stop putting money into the economy. Russell Jalbert feels that after the reserve stops pumping money into the economy, then the market is going to fall. He evidences billionaires like Warren Buffet who are selling off their large investments in companies like Procter & Gamble.

Bob talks Obama Care with Russell. And while it hasn’t been implemented yet, Dutko thinks that employees are going to have their hours cut to put them below the 30- hour threshold so employers can avoid paying their health care costs.

What does this mean? People are going to have to find an additional job to make ends meet. He feels that it’s threatening to the working class. He evidences this through Corporations. Corporations are paying more dividends instead of investing in people. Why? The men agree that the corporations are hesitant about Obama Care.

Suddenly a Tiger interrupts the radio broadcast. Not a real tiger, but Paws the Detroit Tiger’s mascot.

After a few bad jokes, the men wanted to invite everyone to Law Day, and that’s when I made guest appearance.

I discussed the then recent blast in Royal Oak, Michigan that killed one person, and my efforts to prevent another occurrence like it. I talked about my practice and how I to reduce all personal injuries through awareness and my firm’s involvement in the community.

We all agreed that the day was beautiful and wrapped up with a plug for Law Day’s free helmets, live music, and free food.

We hope to see all of you there next year!

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