Where Are You Driving this Summer?

Where Are You Driving this Summer?

by / Tuesday, 23 July 2013 / Published in Motor Vehicle Accidents

Have any road trips planned in the remaining summer days? If you do, then think twice about which state you are going to because the words out on the nation’s worst states to drive through. You might think about driving around them after reading this article.

Want to stand outside the White House and picket, or see that tiny guy up close that sits inside the penny? Well, according to a GMAC insurance report conducted in 2011, the place where people are most likely to not know the written rules of the road is in the District of Columbia. Only 70% of those polled would likely pass the written vehicle-licensing exam. What do you think about that Obama?

Do you kids even remember what life was like without Justin Bieber and the Internet? Probably not, and according to a US News and World Report, teens are more likely to injure someone else in South Dakota while driving than any other state in the union. Check your Facebook later kids and pay attention to the road.

Where do all old people go to die? That’s right, Florida. And for that reason, Florida has experienced more traffic fatalities as a result of elderly drivers than any other state. Orange you glad we didn’t say “Michigan?” Us too.

What does The King, the Smoky Mountains National Park, Jack Daniels and Davey Crockett all have in the common? Tennessee. And think about this, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said that 10% of all traffic fatalities resulted from cellphones in Tennessee. If you’re planning a trip there, then keep your eyes peeled and your phone down.

We want you to remember, in all seriousness, that if you’ve been injured as a result of someone else’s negligent driving, then our firm is here for you. The kid on his phone, the guy that merged without looking, or the elderly person that didn’t see that traffic signal: you’re entitled to compensation.

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