How to Protect Your Child From a Dog’s Bite

How to Protect Your Child From a Dog’s Bite

by / Friday, 09 August 2013 / Published in Dog Bites, Tips

brown cartoon dog with sharp teeth barkingAlmost 1 million people were hospitalized last year from dog bites and attacks. A significant number of those victims were children.

Children are particularly vulnerable to dog bites and attacks because of their small stature. Dogs that aren’t dangerous often injure children when they jump on them to play. Kids bitten by dogs often suffer from severe emotional trauma from the injury, and it can even affect the remainder of their lives.

So what can you do to avoid an animal related injury with a young child?

  • Keep a watchful eye on kids playing around big dogs and ensure that the dog is friendly
  • Communicate with the dog’s owner and ask if the dog has a problem with small kids
  • Ensure that the child doesn’t provoke the dog
  • Forbid the child from standing eye-to-eye with the animal, because this often provokes the dog to bite
  • Keep food out of your child’s hands because dogs are going to try and take it from them. It’s important to remember that food remnants on kids’ faces or hands attracts dogs to them.

Dog bites are very dangerous; dogs’ mouths carry millions of harmful bacteria. We recently covered a story about a woman from Canada that had to have her arm and both of her legs amputated from a bacteria infection she got as a result of a dog’s bite.

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