Sterling Heights Dog Bites Off Woman’s Finger

Sterling Heights Dog Bites Off Woman’s Finger

by / Monday, 26 August 2013 / Published in Accident News, Dog Bites
Bandaid on finger

A 54-year-old Sterling Heights woman was trying to defend her tiny Cairn Terrier against a Boxer Labrador when she was bitten. She received multiple wounds and lost her finger as a result of the accident.

While it hasn’t been released what finger was lost, or whether or not it will be reapplied to the woman’s hand, such a tragic event reminds us that dog’s bites are extremely dangerous, and should obviously be avoided at all costs.

The dog that bit the Sterling Heights woman is going to be euthanized and checked for its rabies vaccinations. It hasn’t been released whether the dog’s owner will be charged under the Sterling Heights dog bite ordinance.

According to the ordinance, the dog’s owner can be held criminally liable:

  • if their dog bites another dog, and
  • their dog hasn’t been provoked.

The dog’s past viciousness, or the owner’s knowledge of the dog’s previous viciousness is not taken into consideration when charging an individual. The Ordinance also extends to both public and private land where the person bitten has lawfully entered.

The ordinance was passed in February of 2011.

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