Avoid a Michigan Pedestrian Car Accident: Driving Safely on Neighborhood Streets

Avoid a Michigan Pedestrian Car Accident: Driving Safely on Neighborhood Streets

by / Wednesday, 02 October 2013 / Published in Motor Vehicle Accidents, Personal Injury, Tips

Goodwin & Scieszka finds it important to remind all drivers that all of Michigan’s neighborhood streets need safe driving protection. As I walked outside of my house today, I saw a car barreling down my street at well over 25 mph, which is the posted speed limit in all residential neighborhoods in Michigan.

Keep Kids Alive Drive 25

So what should all drivers remember you’re probably asking?

  1. Drive the speed limit: 25 mph! Kids are playing and people want to feel that they can safely walk down their street without feeling threatened by traffic.
  2. Be attentive. Know your surroundings. Are there kids playing basketball or is anyone walking? You should anticipate having to stop and be aware of what’s going on around you. This means keep your cell phone down.
  3. Keep your cell phone down! We can never over-stress this point. Cell phones are one of the leading causes of accidents in America. It’s part of being attentive, but it’s more. It’s about being safe and significantly reducing the chances of you being in accident.
  4. Stop completely at all stop signs. It’s the law first and foremost, and it protects Michiganders from unnecessary injuries.

Our firm uses our blog to educate Michiganders on the law, we provide tips to avoid accidents, and we use it as a way to relay new stories that affect our entire community. We want to reduce the injuries we so often defend.

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