Ionia, Michigan Road Rage Leads to a Deadly Shootout and Both Drivers Killed: Why You Should Avoid Road Rage on Michigan’s Roads

Ionia, Michigan Road Rage Leads to a Deadly Shootout and Both Drivers Killed: Why You Should Avoid Road Rage on Michigan’s Roads

by / Friday, 04 October 2013 / Published in Accident News, Motor Vehicle Accidents, Tips

Road Rage No One Wins

There was an article I read that struck a chord with me, and I felt like I should blog about the dangers of road rage.

Last month, two men in Ionia, Michigan were driving down M-66 when a driver began to tailgate Jim Pullman. The driver got so close to Jim’s car that he was unable to see the other car’s hood.

Exiting the expressway and pulling into a car wash, Jim Pullman got out of his car to confront the man that was tailing him. The other driver had followed Mr. Pullman off of the highway and into the car wash.

As Pullman approached the other vehicle, the driver shot Pullman two times. Pullman was still able to reach into his own vehicle and grab his weapon. He shot the other driver.

Both men died as a result of the shooting.

This is the type of story you could only imagine would happen in a piece of fiction. Road rage is a dangerous, dangerous thing.

Neither of these men should have lost their lives because they couldn’t share Michigan’s roadway.

Our Southfield personal injury firm wants to remind all drivers to share the roads and to relax. There’s no sense in fighting with another driver. Michigan’s roads are for everyone, and it’s a shame that mild tempers ended two individuals’ lives.

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