Rick Snyder Wants No-Fault to Crash

Rick Snyder Wants No-Fault to Crash

by / Tuesday, 29 October 2013 / Published in Motor Vehicle Accidents, Personal Injury

red sports car with a smashed front end driven straight into a yellow light post

Michigan’s governor wants to substantially change how auto insurance is administered in Michigan. Michigan is currently a No-Fault state, which means that you’re required to buy insurance and your insurer is responsible for insuring you if you’re injured.

According to Snyder:

“I’m hoping people can come to the table from the various parties and say, this doesn’t need to be something where people are fighting in the Legislature, but can we just have good discussions and find good one solution that people can support across the board.”

One argument against the current No-Fault law is that people injured in accidents are eligible for lifelong compensation for their injuries and inability to work. The current system is costly for drivers. This can be costly to insurers. Mitigating insurers’ liability to their clients will, in theory, bring down the costs of insuring your vehicle.

And while Snyder is not specifically trying to cap damages, he wants to change the face of how you insure your car in Michigan and find a middle ground that insurers, hospitals, and people are happy with. It comes down to making auto insurance more affordable.

We will keep you posted as the fight in the legislature unfolds.

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