Pedestrian Killed in Walker, Michigan

Pedestrian Killed in Walker, Michigan

by / Tuesday, 05 November 2013 / Published in Accident News, Personal Injury

empty crosswalk in a downtown area on a sunny day

Larry Calvin Burton was trying to cross the street in in Walker, Michigan at Wilson Avenue and Chesterfield Blvd. when a car hit him. The woman driving the car was a 17 year old from Grand Rapids.

Burton was then hit by a second vehicle and dragged for almost 3 miles. Police were called and responded to the incident at 10:30 pm on November 1.

Police are looking for a dark colored SUV truck with more than 10 racing stickers on that back of it, and any witness that saw the accident unfold.

If you have any information, please contact the Walker Police Department at 616-791-6887.

This is a tragic accident. Did you know that according to that over 2000 pedestrians were killed in car-pedestrian crashes last year?

These accidents have effects on entire communities and we want Michigan to be a safer place for people to walk around.


  • Keep your cell phones down, it’s against the law to drive while on the phone
  • When turning, double check that no pedestrian is crossing at the intersection
  • At night, keep your eyes on the road


  • You can be hard to see, if you’re going to walk or run on the road, then wear reflective clothing and avoid wearing black at night
  • Look both ways and walk or run defensively

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