Is it Illegal to Merge Without Signaling in Michigan?

Is it Illegal to Merge Without Signaling in Michigan?

by / Wednesday, 20 November 2013 / Published in Motor Vehicle Accidents, Personal Injury, Tips

thumb on a turn signal lever in a car

Yes, if you’re on the highway, then you have to signal. It’s the law:

And just so you know, highway means all of Michigan’s roadways. That’s how it’s written in the statute.

Sec. 648. (1) The driver of a vehicle or bicycle upon a highway, before stopping or turning from a direct line, shall first see that the stopping or turning can be made in safety and shall give a signal as required in this section.

(2) A signal required in this section shall be given either by means of the hand and arm in the manner specified in this section, or by a mechanical or electrical signal device which conveys an intelligible signal or warning to other highway traffic, except as otherwise provided in subsection

The statute is clear, either a hand signal or flashing signal is required. The statute even lays out how to hand signal:

(3). When a signal is given by means of the hand and arm, the driver shall indicate his or her intention to stop or turn by extending his hand and arm from and beyond the left side of the vehicle and signal as follows:

(a) Left turn: hand and arm extended horizontally.
(b) Right turn: hand and arm extended upward.
(c) Stop or decrease speed: hand and arm extended downward.

Not knowing the law doesn’t mean that you can escape liability. As a Michigan citizen, or just someone using Michigan’s roads, you are presumed to know the laws on the books.

Any person who violates this section is responsible for a civil infraction! Signal, people, it’s easy.

Goodwin & Scieszka decided to write this blog post because people seem too busy these days to use their signals. Failing to signal puts other drivers at a significantly greater risk of injury. We’ve seen too many horrific injuries as a result of negligent driving.

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