Can I be Sued if a Customer Slips and Falls on Ice Outside of my Michigan Business?

Can I be Sued if a Customer Slips and Falls on Ice Outside of my Michigan Business?

by / Monday, 02 December 2013 / Published in Goodwin & Scieszka, Personal Injury, Tips
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In Michigan, a business owner owes a reasonable duty of care to anyone that’s considered an invitee. The duty is best characterized to protect against any unreasonable risk of harm that’s caused by a dangerous condition.

Who or what’s an invitee? An invitee is almost anyone that’s invited on the premise. It doesn’t have to be a customer. It can be an independent contractor or someone that works for the government. It doesn’t matter if your business requires that your customers pay a membership fee (like a club or spa). You still owe a reasonably safe premise to your invitees.

As a Michigan business owner, you want to avoid a potential slip and fall cause of action. You need to protect your premise and act reasonable under the circumstances.

Tips to avoid being sued by your customers for a Michigan slip and fall cause of action:

• Salt your entranceway
• Shovel your snow
• Have your parking lot cleared from any and all debris
• Especially if you have solid floors, place rugs in the front of your business so people can wipe off their wet feet
• Make sure your sidewalk doesn’t have any large cracks or potholes where people walk

Though simple, it’s important for you to protect your business’s best interests.

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