Washtenaw County News

Washtenaw County News

by / Thursday, 12 December 2013 / Published in Accident News, Legal News

In Washtenaw County, a lawsuit was filed on behalf of seven minor prisoners (all of whom were unnamed because of their ages). The allegations were that of sexual abuse claims and physical assaults.

The suit was filed in the Washtenaw County Trial Court and it named numerous officials as defendants: Governor Rick Snyder and the Michigan Department of Corrections to name two.

The complaint alleges that the Dept. of Corrections failed to separate its juvenile prisoners with the adult prisoners, which is a requirement by law. In addition, the complaint also alleges that the defendants knew about the abuse and did not take corrective action.

These are children as young as 13 years old that were being mixed in with adult prisoners.

Two men fighting on the street in front of brick building

The crux of the complaint is that of negligence. It’s what the prison could have done to avoid the abuse, and what they didn’t do: they breached their duty to their occupants, and, as a result of that breach, there were injuries, serious injuries.

We don’t often write about these types of stories, but I think that’s important for people to understand that abuse – be it sexual, physical, or emotional – are all different actionable claims in Michigan.

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