Beware of Michigan’s Snowy Sidewalks: Avoid a Slip and Fall

Beware of Michigan’s Snowy Sidewalks: Avoid a Slip and Fall

by / Monday, 23 December 2013 / Published in Goodwin & Scieszka, Legal News, Personal Injury

Last weekend’s ice storm will have many people in Southwest Michigan without power until Christmas. The ice storm brought down power lines and trees, making for harsh road conditions. Sidewalks were also filled with snow and ice.

Did you know the Michigan legislature has enabled counties to adopt statutes requiring property owners to remove snow and ice from their sidewalks? Here’s the statute:

67.9. Sidewalks; removal of snow and ice; ordinance authorized

Sec. 9. The council may, either by ordinance or resolution, require the owners and occupants of a lot or premises to remove all snow and ice from the sidewalks in front of or adjacent to the lot and premises, and to keep the sidewalks free from obstructions, encroachments, encumbrances, filth, and other nuisances. The council may by a majority vote of members of council provide by ordinance for the rebuilding, maintaining, and keeping in repair of all sidewalks within the village, for the removing of all ice and snow from the sidewalks, and for keeping them free from encumbrances, and may pay the expense from the general street fund.

Snow covered sidewalk

You have to look at your city’s ordinance to determine whether or not you’re obligated to keep your sidewalk clear. Maintaining a well-kept sidewalk significantly reduces the likelihood that you’ll have to defend against a Michigan slip and fall case.

These cases arise out of an area of law known as tort law. A tort is any civil lawsuit, other than a breach of contract, for which the law has a remedy. Torts are personal injury claims, and those are the very claims Goodwin & Scieszka has been fighting for over 30 years:

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