Michigan Business Owners, What Do You Know About Michigan Slip and Fall Claims?

Michigan Business Owners, What Do You Know About Michigan Slip and Fall Claims?

by / Thursday, 26 December 2013 / Published in Goodwin & Scieszka, Tips

A slip and fall claim generally falls under a broader category of tort law known as negligence. In order to prove negligence, there must be 1) a duty owed, 2) a breach of that duty, 3) and damages that are proximately caused by the breach of the established duty.

The plaintiff has the burden to prove these elements. It doesn’t matter if the defendant, the person defending against the plaintiff’s lawsuit, isn’t aware of the dangerous conditions. As a business owner, you owe the highest duty of care to your patrons.

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According to case law:

It is the duty of a storekeeper to provide reasonably safe aisles for customers and he is liable for injury resulting from an unsafe condition either caused by the active negligence of himself and his employees or, if otherwise caused, where known to the storekeeper or is of such a character or has existed a sufficient length of time that he should have had knowledge of it.

You should mitigate potential hazards on your property by taking the following measures:

• Salt your parking lot
• Mop up spills immediately
• Place rugs by the door
• Use wet floor signs
• Warn patrons of all hazards
• Fix broken tiles
• Verbally inform patrons about risks
• Shovel your snow

Michigan slip and fall claims can be costly to your business, which is why Goodwin & Scieszka wants to warn all business owners that they need to protect their customers or do whatever is reasonably necessary to prevent an injury.

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