More on Michigan No-Fault Insurance Coverage

More on Michigan No-Fault Insurance Coverage

by / Tuesday, 21 January 2014 / Published in Goodwin & Scieszka, Motor Vehicle Accidents

Yesterday we sparked a conversation about the Michigan No-Fault Act, which mandates that all Michigan drivers have No-Fault insurance benefits.

To recap:
• You must meet the statutory threshold to sue in civil court: death, permanent disfigurement, or a serious impairment of a body function
• There’s mandated coverage protection:

-$20k per person
-$40k per accident
-$10k for property damage

• Motorcycles aren’t covered under the No-Fault Act, but a trailer you’re hauling is
• Parked vehicles are covered if the vehicle was parked reasonably when the accident occurred

black and white photo of an old car that crashed through and is hanging out of a window on the top floor

Today, let’s talk about who is covered under the act:

If you have insurance, your spouse or any other relative that’s domiciled in your house is covered. “Domiciled” is a term of art that means the intent to physically reside at a place permanently. Passengers in your car and pedestrians hit by your car are also covered.

Now, here’s a list of people who aren’t covered under the act:
• A person who has unlawfully taken your motor vehicle (except when the person reasonably believed he or she was entitled to drive your car)
• An owner of an uninsured motor vehicle or motorcycle involved in an accident
• Most nonresident occupants of a motor vehicle or motorcycle that’s not registered in the state
• An employee covered by workers’ compensation who is injured while entering, leaving, loading, unloading, or working on a vehicle

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