Cisco Recalls Memory Chips: Warranties

Cisco Recalls Memory Chips: Warranties

by / Thursday, 06 March 2014 / Published in Legal News, Personal Injury

Cisco, a computer networking company out of California, is spending $655 million to fix defective networking equipment that’s been used in their products for almost 10 years.

According to Curtis Hill, Cisco’s VP of Technical Services:

“The majority of Cisco products using these components are experiencing field failure rates below expected levels. Recently, however, a handful of our customers have experienced a higher number of failures, leading us to change our approach to managing this issue.”

Many of the people that have been affected by this recall will have valid warranty claims against the company or suppliers of Cisco products. As of right now, the product supplier has yet to be named.

Regardless, let’s talk about warranties. There are 3 types of warranties you should be aware of:

Express warranties

This is any affirmative promise made by a person selling a good. This type of warranty can’t be disclaimed.

Implied warranty of fitness for a particular purpose

This is a warranty that involves the seller/supplier. The seller must know the particular purpose for which you’re going to use the goods. For example, if the customer says, “I want a boat to ski behind,” and the customer is then sold a boat that can’t go fast enough to pull a skier out of the water, then the implied warranty of fitness for a particular purpose has been breached. The caveat is that the customer must reasonably have relied upon the seller’s judgment for this warranty to attach itself to the sale.

Implied warranty of merchantability

Goods sold must be fit for their ordinary purpose. If you buy a refrigerator, then it should refrigerate.

Beware, because both implied warranties can, and often are, disclaimed by the seller/supplier. This is OK, so long as it’s done conspicuously.

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