9 Shocking Facts About 2014 Michigan Winter

9 Shocking Facts About 2014 Michigan Winter

by / Wednesday, 12 March 2014 / Published in Goodwin & Scieszka

1. January 4-5 was Flint’s worst snowstorm ever recorded: 17 inches of accumulation.

2. The December 21-22 ice storm was one of the worst ice storms the state has seen in a number of years. There was almost a solid inch of ice accumulation on top of the snow that we already had.

Giraffe poking head out of snowbank

3. Remember January 6th and January 7th? I bet your bones remember that polar vortex that sent temperatures dropping into the negative 40-degree range.

4. Did you know the Great Lakes spent almost this entire season in a freeze? That’s record setting for the state.

5. Do you know what the average temperature was in Marquette? A whopping 7.5 degrees. And you probably thought that the polar vortex was bad. That was Marquette, Michigan’s coldest winter on record – squashing the previous record from 1963.

6. Marquette also had 49 days in the negatives.

7. January was far snowier than previous Januaries in Michigan. Michiganders’ backs understand this from all the shoveling…

8. Grand Rapids agrees – they had about 111 total inches of snow this year.

9. Oh yea, have you looked outside? There’s another 4 inches sitting in your driveway and almost all the schools have been cancelled.

Goodwin & Scieszka wants to remind Michiganders to be careful in the next couple of days. The roads aren’t good and the snow is heavy. I would know, I just shoveled the driveway and it took almost an hour. Be careful walking into businesses and stay clear of snowplows on the highway (they often can’t see you).

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