Michigan Trip and Fall Liability

Michigan Trip and Fall Liability

by / Wednesday, 19 March 2014 / Published in Michigan Law, Personal Injury

What is also known as premise liability, the trip and fall is a form of negligence that occurs on someone else’s property. Today we are going to talk about invitees – which is the legal title given to someone that goes onto someone else’s property to confer an economic benefit. It’s your standard retailer/service provider and patron relationship we encounter in our lives everyday.
Woman slipping next to Caution Wet Floor sign

As snow from this season finally begins to melt, we thought it would be relevant and highly important to talk about when a landowner has a duty to remove accumulated ice or snow from the premise in the event that we get one last dumping or there’s ice that’s accumulated outside.

While the mere presence of snow that’s accumulated is not a danger in and of itself, the landowner has a duty to exercise reasonable care in removing the snow within a reasonable time if it imposes a high degree of risk.

You’re probably wondering, “what does reasonable mean?”

Often times that’s what juries have to decide. Property owners should take into consideration:

  • Signs alerting customers to dangers
  • The amount of ice/snow in front of their door
  • The ability for customers to get around certain obstructions
  • Salting driveways
  • Ensuring that there’s adequate light in the parking lot

While it does seem rather self-explanatory, simple steps can reduce major headaches in terms of your legal liability to someone that falls on your property.

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