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Royal Oak’s Dangerous Dog Ordinance

by / Wednesday, 09 April 2014 / Published in Dog Bites, Michigan Law
Aggressive dog barking

Do you live in Royal Oak, Michigan? Do you have a dog? Royal Oak has a dog bite ordinance that allows the city’s Animal Control Officer to make a determination that your dog is dangerous and thus must be registered with the city. It’s Royal Oak’s effort to avoid more Michigan dog bites. Take a look at the ordinance:

The Animal Control Officer shall have the authority to make a determination that a dog is dangerous or potentially dangerous, as defined in this article, upon the complaint of any person that a dog is dangerous or potentially dangerous. When the Animal Control Officer classifies any dog as a dangerous dog or potentially dangerous dog under this article, the Animal Control Officer shall notify the dog’s owner of such classification as follows:

(1) The notice shall be in writing and mailed by certified mail to the owner’s last known address. If a dog has more than one owner, notice to any one owner shall be sufficient.

(2) The notice shall include a summary of the findings that form the basis for the dog’s classification as dangerous or potentially dangerous.

(3) The notice shall be dated and shall state that the owner has a right to request a hearing on the classification within 15 days from the date of the notice.

(4) The notice shall state that if a hearing is requested on the classification, the Animal Review Board shall conduct the hearing.

(5) The notice shall state that if the owner does not request such a hearing within 15 days from the date of the notice, the classification of the dog as dangerous or potentially dangerous shall be final and conclusive for all purposes under the City Code.

(6) The notice shall include a form to request a hearing before the Animal Review Board and shall provide specific instructions on mailing or delivering such a request.

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