Car Accident Saves A Michigan Woman’s Life and a Cat Saves a Boy From A Dog Bite Attack

Car Accident Saves A Michigan Woman’s Life and a Cat Saves a Boy From A Dog Bite Attack

by / Thursday, 15 May 2014 / Published in Accident News

Are they miracles? It’s hard to tell. Here are your two random stories for the week that’ll make you wonder…

A teenage Michigan woman was driving back to school in Grand Rapids while talking to her boyfriend on the telephone. She swerved to avoid a skunk, skidded off the road and into a guardrail. Fortunately, no one else was involved in the car accident.

The woman was then taken to a local area hospital where she underwent a medical examination to determine the extent of her injuries. The young girl had a broken neck. Just after a PT screen, the doctors also discovered a large cancerous tumor she didn’t know about. The girl considers the Michigan car accident to be a miracle in disguise. If she hadn’t been injured in the car accident, she still wouldn’t know that she had cancer.

If that story wasn’t interesting enough, there’s a viral video that’s surfaced online of a young boy being attacked by a dog. Fortunately, the family cat was there to save the day. We can’t make this stuff up. A cat came to the rescue; jumping on the dog and causing it flee. While the boy only suffered some mild stiches, the dog is currently under observation and its future has yet to be determined.

Our firm has handled both car accident claims and dog big law suits for over the last 30 years, and we’ve seen nothing like this. Oh the irony, these the two tragic events had happy endings.

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