Buying Michigan Morel Mushrooms: Buyer Beware of Bad Mushrooms

Buying Michigan Morel Mushrooms: Buyer Beware of Bad Mushrooms

by / Wednesday, 28 May 2014 / Published in Tips
A bunch of morel mushrooms

This is a great year for Michigan’s morel mushroom. Morels are more abundant than ever. But, Goodwin & Scieszka wants to warn you about buying morels from unauthorized dealers. If you buy the wrong type of mushroom from an inexperienced picker, you could become very ill and even have to be hospitalized.

There’s more, in Michigan you need a special license to sell wild mushrooms. Here are the requirements for approval as listed by the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development:

  • The seller must be recognized as appropriately trained and competent in the identification of safe botanical and mycological varieties. Alternatively, the seller may employ a recognized expert.
  • The seller shall submit a written statement to the MDARD Food & Dairy Division identifying the person who will verify the species and the procedures for safeguarding against the sale of potentially injurious mushrooms. The statement shall include a description of that person’s education, experience and expertise.
  • Each individual wild mushroom shall be inspected and identified by the recognized expert. Only those identified as safe may be sold.
  • Each storage container of mushrooms shall be labeled with the scientific and common name of the mycological variety. Packaged mushrooms may be identified by the common name only and shall bear additional labeling in full accordance with current state and federal requirements.
  • Written records that indicate the quantity, variety, expert identifier, and buyer of the mushrooms shall be retained by the packer for a period of not less than two years. These records shall be made available for MDARD examination, upon request.
  • Wild mushrooms shall be handled and protected from contamination in accordance with all current state and federal regulations associated with the handling and processing of foods intended for human consumption.”

If you’ve bought bad mushrooms and are seeking contribution for your hospital bills, then Goodwin & Scieszka is here for you. Contact our firm today and talk to one of our amazing Michigan personal injury attorneys.