2015 Michigan Bar Exam Results

2015 Michigan Bar Exam Results

by / Wednesday, 24 June 2015 / Published in Goodwin & Scieszka, Tips

If you took the Michigan  bar exam in February 2015,  you should have already heard whether or not you passed. Results were released on May 5, 2015 and are available on the Michigan Board of Law Examiners website. You also should have received a results packet in the mail. If you never received your result packet, contact the Board of Law Examiners to verify they have the correct address on file. If they sent it to the correct address, you will have to submit a written request to the Board of Law Examiners to have a duplicate result packet mailed to you.

If your score on the Michigan bar exam is 135 or higher, you passed! The Law Offices of Goodwin & Scieszka offer you a very well deserved congratulations on a job well done. Now that you have your certification from the Board of Law Examiners, what do you have to do next? First, you will have to appear and present your certification to the Supreme Court or a circuit court. There, a licensed lawyer will make a motion to admit you to the bar and the court will enter an order for you to be admitted. Then you will have to fill out your membership application for the Bar Association of Michigan and pay the required dues and you will get your membership card bearing your license number.

If you are registered to take the Michigan bar exam in July 2015, we wish you the best of luck on the two long days of tests you have ahead of you. Once those two days are completed, then it’s time to play the waiting game. Results for July Michigan bar exams are generally start being mailed out in mid-to-late October, but sometimes as late as early November.

What if I Don’t Pass the Michigan Bar Exam?

If you didn’t pass the Michigan bar exam in February, you do have the option to take the test again. When you receive your results, you should also get an application for re-examination. There are no limits to how many times you can take the Michigan bar exam, but if you wish to take the exam again, you will have to file your application for re-examination at least 60 days before the exam and pay a $240 re-application fee. If you like, you can request copies of your answers for $20 (needs to be paid with a money order or another type of certified funds). Your answers will come with copies of the questions and some model answers.

Note that if you are planning to retake the Michigan bar exam, your character and fitness needs to be less than three years old. If your clearance is older than that, you will need to be approved again by the State Bar Committee on Character and Fitness.

If you believe points were taken off the essay portion of your exam unjustly, you also have the option of appealing your bar exam score. With an appeal, you write a document, identical to a legal brief, to the Board of Law Examiners arguing why you believe you deserve to have more points awarded to you.

If you are still a few years away from taking the bar exam, learn more about the opportunities we offer with the Goodwin & Scieszka Innovation Scholarship.