How to Avoid Unsafe Workplaces

How to Avoid Unsafe Workplaces

by / Tuesday, 11 August 2015 / Published in Workplace Woes
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Avoiding unsafe workplaces can be a tough task when you’ve been unemployed for months.  When you’re so anxious to get back to work and feel useful again you might overlook the fact that the place who just hired you may have an unsafe work environment.  You have to provide for your family, so you may feel like you don’t have a choice in whether you should take this specific job or not. You need to work and feel proud that you’re bringing in money for your family once again.  Although you don’t want to turn the job down, it might be better for you in the long run if the workplace isn’t safe.

Before the First Day

You have to take a step back before you go in for your first day and maybe look up employee reviews about the company.  Also, consider how you found out about the job.  If you were quickly skimming through the classified ads in the newspaper and called a number up, and they offered you a job right away, it might not be legitimate.  If your good friend recommended you for a job he once had, then you’d be better off taking that job because of the trust involved.  If you want to take major precaution, there’s no harm in contacting your local OSHA office to see if the company you’re starting at has any complaints filed against them at all.

The Signs of an Unsafe Workplace

So, it’s your first day and you finally get to meet everyone that you’ll be working with during  the next chapter of your life.  How can you tell on that first day if you’ve made the right decision to work for this company?  When you’re introducing yourself to everyone you’ll be working with, take notice of their mood and attitude towards you.  Don’t take it personal, but do take it as a reflection of what they think when they work.  Why would they be so angry towards you when they don’t even know you yet? It’s possible they know the workplace is dangerous and is in the same boat as you — they feel like they need to have this job.  Also, if an employee seems timid or afraid of upsetting their boss or supervisor, it might be a sign the boss doesn’t take kindly to being told something is wrong in the work environment.  An unfriendly work environment typically means that the employees aren’t cared for properly.

Listen to Your Boss

Listening and doing what your boss asks of you is key in making sure your a good employee, but you should also listen to your bosses tone of voice, and what he asks of you on a daily basis to see if he’s even being logical.  So, it’s important to listen and understand if he even cares about your wellbeing.  First off, is he asking or telling you to move a 500 lb boulder without any machinery?  It’s easy to tell in the tone of your boss’s voice if he is even considering your health when telling you to perform a daunting task.  If you can see a disrespectful pattern forming after the first week there then it might be time to spare your health and take your services elsewhere.

Just remember, there are tons of businesses out there that treat their employees with honor and respect.  A responsible boss remembers that how they treat their employees comes first before anything else because the employees are running the show.  So, when you’re out on the job during your first week of work, be mindful of your health and how the boss treats all of his employees.  There’s no harm in being aware of your longterm health, and the job you just started might not be the best for your future wellbeing.

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