Safely Breaking Up a Dog Fight

Safely Breaking Up a Dog Fight

by / Tuesday, 17 November 2015 / Published in Dog Bites
Two brown dogs fighting each other

Lindsey Vonn is a celebrated alpine ski racer who recently found herself in the hospital after experiencing a serious dog bite. This occurred on November 7th after the 31 year-old attempted to separate her dogs after they got a little too worked up while playing. The bite on Vonn’s right hand was so severe that was ended up needing stitches.

What happened to Vonn could easily happen to any dog owner. Her pooches Bear and Leo were fighting over a Frisbee and she tried to deal with the situation as well as she could, by removing it from their possession. Needless to say, her attempts didn’t end very well. One of her dogs bit her amid the confusion of the whole situation and the rest is history. Thankfully, quick medical attention and some stitches on the affected hand were able to successfully manage Vonn’s unpleasant combination of pain and bleeding.

Luckily for Vonn, she wasn’t out of commission very long after experiencing this painful dog bite. She resumed her normal skiing activities just a few days after the injury. Needless to say, Vonn will probably be a little more careful the next time she tries to stop her beloved pets from fighting each other.

Vonn’s hand injuries ended up being easy to treat. Not all people get so lucky, however. This is why it’s so crucial to take dog bites very seriously. It’s also very important to be diligent about trying to prevent them from occurring in the first place.

If you have dogs that can get a little rambunctious when they’re around each other, be sure to follow these useful tips for dealing with their fights. Safety should always be your number one concern. Not only is it vital to consider the safety of your pets, but it’s also vital to consider your own safety, of course. Even if it’s your own pets you’re dealing with and you know they don’t want to hurt you, they might if they’re really caught up in the moment.

Remain calm. Fights between dogs tend to be very brief. Startle your pets so you disrupt their fighting. Be loud. Yell, make thudding sounds on the ground using your feet and clap. If you believe it will get you your dogs’ attention, do it.

Get a barrier. If you have a barrier nearby, retrieve it. Lids of trash cans, lengthy sticks and cardboard can all work like a charm. A barrier can be a good way to physically separate your riled up pets.

Throw some cloth or a blanket over the fighting pair. If your dogs are unable to view each other, there’s a very good chance they’ll immediately quit fighting. Jackets and tarp can also be very good at soothing dogs who are in fight mode.

Throw some water on your dogs. A hose can be great at getting fighting dogs to stop. If you don’t happen to have one on hand, a spray bottle or a glass of water could work.

If you want to stop your dogs from fighting efficiently, remember to always stay as cool as a cucumber.

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