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Maternal Infections & Birth Injuries

by / Friday, 10 January 2020 / Published in Birth Trauma
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Birth injuries can be caused by many different things. Very often, it’s the result of a lack of oxygen during delivery or some kind of physical trauma around the time of birth. But they can also be the result of maternal infections that aren’t properly managed by an expectant mother’s doctor.

When expectant mothers develop infections during delivery, it’s extremely important that their doctors act quickly to provide appropriate treatments and take any other necessary actions to prevent harm to the child. In many cases, if a maternal infection is detected early on and appropriate treatments are given right away, there’s a good chance that the child won’t experience serious long-term effects as a result. However, many types of infections can potentially be very dangerous to the child if the infection goes untreated.

Some types of maternal infections that can potentially injure an unborn child include chicken pox, rubella, chorioamnionitis, villitis, Cytomegalovirus (CMV), Group B strep infections, hepatitis B, herpes simplex, HIV, syphilis, and more. In some cases, even some types of infections that ordinarily wouldn’t be life-threatening, such as urinary tract infections, can potentially be very serious if they occur during pregnancy and aren’t treated right away.

Each type of maternal infection can impact an unborn child in different ways. CMV, for example, has been linked to a higher risk of cerebral palsy, hearing loss, impaired vision, and learning disabilities. Many types of bacterial infections, including syphilis and Group B strep infections, may lead to premature birth.

In some cases, a mother might have an infection that can be transmitted to the child during delivery. When those types of situations occur, the doctor needs to take proper actions to protect the child. Very often, this means ordering a cesarean to prevent the child from coming into contact with the birth canal, where it could potentially contract the infection.

If your child’s birth injury was related to a maternal infection, don’t hesitate to contact a birth trauma lawyer as soon as possible. The tragic reality of so many types of birth injury cases is that, very often, they could have been prevented if a doctor had acted differently. At a time like this, it’s only natural to have a lot of questions and a lawyer will be able to help answer them for you. At Goodwin & Scieszka, we have experienced lawyers who have helped people who have been in your situation and know how to help you move forward with your case. Contact us today to get started.