Tips for Getting Your Car Out of the Mud

Tips for Getting Your Car Out of the Mud

by / Monday, 14 March 2022 / Published in Tips
A car tries to tow another car that is stuck in the mud.

Seasonal transitions can cause a lot of difficulties for Michigan drivers. Freeze/thaw cycles cause potholes that wreak havoc on the roads. Sometimes, temperatures can drop low enough in the spring or fall to cause icy spots on the road. The weather in general can be very unpredictable and the changes in daylight related to daylight saving time can impact visibility for drivers. And, if you often drive on dirt roads or attend events where you need to park on an unpaved surface, there’s a chance that those surfaces could be muddy if it’s rained recently or if snow has recently melted.

Ideally, roads and unpaved parking areas would be blocked off if they were so muddy to be impossible to drive through. But, unfortunately, that isn’t always what happens and when a car does get stuck in the mud, getting it out can be a challenge. So what can you do if it happens to you?

Stop & Evaluate the Situation

When a driver first realizes they’re stuck in some mud, their first instinct might be to step on the accelerator to try and get themselves out of it. But doing this can only make things worse by causing your tires to dig deeper into the mud. Instead, it’s best to stop the car, get out, and take a look at the situation. Is your car only stuck in a small amount of mud? If you’re able to get your car unstuck from its current location, does the road ahead of you look clear or are there more muddy areas ahead of you where you could get stuck again? If other passengers are in the car with you, have them stay out of the car until it’s unstuck so that there’s less weight in the vehicle.

Rock Back and Forth

In a best case scenario, you’re only stuck in a small amount of mud and the road ahead looks safe to drive on. If the mud isn’t very deep, you can try rocking your car back and forth by briefly putting it in reverse and back into drive to try and get enough momentum so that you can get moving again. 

Add Traction

If rocking your car back and forth doesn’t do the trick, adding some traction under the stuck tire(s) may help. A popular recommendation is to take one of your car mats and place the tip of it in front of the tire so that the surface of the tire can grip onto something with more texture to it.  If you keep things like old blankets or towels in your car in case of emergencies, those can also be used to help add some traction. 

While you’re thinking about traction, you may also want to try clearing away some of the mud around your tire(s) so that your tires don’t have to try to overcome a steep incline. 

Call for Help

Sometimes, people can get stuck in mud that is simply too deep for them to be able to get out of by themselves. In that case, call for roadside assistance. If you’re lucky enough to have a tow cable and a second vehicle who can help, you may be able to get out of deeper mud without having to call roadside assistance. But in most cases, calling roadside assistance is the best way to make sure your car gets out safely.

Contact a Michigan Car Accident Lawyer

When people find themselves stranded because of problems like getting stuck in the mud or mechanical issues, it can be very easy for them to get hurt by other drivers while trying to handle the situation. If you’ve been injured in a car accident for any reason, don’t hesitate to contact a car accident lawyer for help with your case. At Goodwin & Scieszka, we’re experienced in handling a wide range of motor vehicle accidents in the state of Michigan. Contact us today to find out how we can help.