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Michigan Dog Bite Attorneys

Wednesday, 23 July 2014 by

Have you been injured because of someone else’s dog? If you have, Michigan has tough dog bite laws that entitle you to compensation for your injuries, and Goodwin & Scieszka are your dog bite attorneys. It doesn’t matter if that owner says that their dog has never bitten anyone else before, Michigan imposes strict liability

Why Even O’Connor was walking along M-14 early in the morning on May 19th is still unknown, however police are still looking for the driver who hit and killed the 35 year-old that morning. O’Connor’s family doesn’t know why their son was even in Ann Arbor, Michigan, on the day of the accident. He works

Goodwin & Scieszka is your Michigan dog bite law firm. If you’ve been attacked by someone else’s dog, then you should be aware of your rights in Michigan. Michigan dog bites confer strict liability on a dog’s owner in the event that their dog attacks another person. What is strict liability? That means that fault

Relocate People The last thing you want to do in the event of an accident is create a more hazardous situation. Move people to the side of the road or a nearby parking lot. If someone is lying on the ground and nonresponsive, then try and direct traffic around that person until the police or

A 120 mph July 3rd police pursuit ended in a fatal car a crash. Davonte Deshaun Grover had smoked crack just before he led police officers on the high speed chase that ultimately killed Tiphanie Fayette Mayfield. The 3 minute chase began on Fulton Street and Eldridge Avenue before it ended near the Hurley Medical

Michigan’s Dog Bite Laws

Monday, 14 July 2014 by

Michigan law imposes tough consequences on dog owners in the event that their pet bites another person. This is known as strict liability. When a dog bites, then the owner is presumed liable unless there’s a mitigating circumstance: 1) provocation or 2) trespassing. Have you ever seen Michigan’s dog bite law? Here, check it out:

Another horrific Michigan car accident occurred off of I-96 by Coopersville. This is probably the 3rd accident Goodwin & Scieszka has reported on this week. As a result of Heather Luke, 31, driving the wrong way down the expressway, another driver lost his life. While it’s still unknown why she was driving in the wrong

Yesterday afternoon, in Battle Creek, Michigan, a motorcycle and a van were involved in a severe accident. The man driving the motorcycle was airlifted to Borgess Medical Center in Kalamazoo. His injuries are severe. The crash is still under investigation. It has yet to be released whether or not the motorcycle driver was wearing his

Michigan’s dog bite statute imposes strict liability on all dog owners whose animal has bitten another person. It doesn’t matter if your dog has bitten before, what matters is that a person is injured and you, as the dog’s owner, are responsible. Have you ever looked at the Michigan dog bite law? 287.351 Person bitten

Seeing as how it’s finally summer, and more and more Michiganders are hitting the roads on their road bikes, BMX bikes, mountain bikes, and beach cruisers, Goodwin & Scieszka thought it would be pertinent to write about bike laws in Michigan. Did you know that bikes are entitled to ride in the road (with the

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