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If you enjoy spending time around water, Michigan is one of the best places in the country to be. Not only do we have access to the Great Lakes, there are many other lakes throughout the lake to enjoy. Whether you like to go out on your boat, spend a day fishing, or just want

As we work through the coronavirus pandemic, lots of people have started to adopt new hobbies as a way to have fun while staying socially distant. Since many types of outdoor activities are considered low-risk for being exposed to COVID-19, one activity that has recently grown in popularity is kayaking. Not only is it a

When it comes to preventing dog bites, dog owners have the most power to put a stop to attacks before they happen. Owners understand their dogs best and over time, should know which kinds of situations are stressful for them, know when to remove them for a situation, and know what other measures should be

For years, Michigan has had a reputation for having some of the highest rates for auto insurance premiums in the country and one thing that was commonly blamed for those high costs was Michigan’s old no-fault law. Under Michigan’s old no-fault auto insurance law, all Michigan drivers were required to carry insurance that included unlimited

When it comes to swimming pools, water isn’t the only hazard you need to worry about. Even under the best circumstances, pools can be very dangerous, but many pools have other hazards that increase the chances of injury even further. Some of the most common pool hazards include: Poor Lighting Good lighting is essential for

When parents find out a child has been injured around the time of birth, one of the first things they’ll want to know is what can be done in terms of treatment. Is there anything that can be done to help improve their child’s quality of life? Will they need surgery? Or would medication or

Birth is a very difficult process, both for the mother and the baby. This is true whether a delivery is quick and free of complications or is prolonged and difficult. When new parents see their baby for the first time, one thing they often don’t expect is to see their child covered in bruises. During

Insurance coverage can be very confusing to understand, but it’s also something all Michigan drivers need to deal with. Recently, a series of changes to Michigan’s no-fault insurance law started going into effect which made some significant updates to a law that had been in place since the 1970s. So, what do these changes mean

If you love fishing, Michigan is an excellent place to be. Between the great lakes and the many other lakes found throughout the state, there are many great places to cast your fishing line, whether you prefer to fish from a shoreline, by wading into the water, or by heading out on your boat. But

Mechanical problems are something that every driver inevitably deals with at one time or another. Unfortunately, they never seem to occur at convenient times. It would be nice if all mechanical problems could come up before you make it out of your garage or when you’re driving on side streets, where the speed limit is