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People, it seems obvious but this definitely negligent and against the law. As the title says, a woman in Green Oak Township let her 9 year-old drive her 2002 Mercury Sable. The woman was taken to jail and charges are pending. What’s the legal driving age in Michigan? 16 years old. According to the secretary

Larry Calvin Burton was trying to cross the street in in Walker, Michigan at Wilson Avenue and Chesterfield Blvd. when a car hit him. The woman driving the car was a 17 year old from Grand Rapids. Burton was then hit by a second vehicle and dragged for almost 3 miles. Police were called and

Last week, Sen. Tupac Hunter introduced a bill that would require all of Michigan’s registered vehicles to have 2 license plates: one in the front and one in the rear. Why? It cuts down on crime because it makes every car more identifiable. Currently there are 32 other states that require dual license plates. Ohio

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October is a time for apple cider, doughnuts, corn mazes, and hayrides. The last thing anyone expects is to get injured from being thrown off a hayride, but that’s exactly what happened in Milford, Michigan just a few days ago. A tractor trailer at Camp Dearborn, a recreational facility that provides family-friendly events year-round, tipped

Michigan’s governor wants to substantially change how auto insurance is administered in Michigan. Michigan is currently a No-Fault state, which means that you’re required to buy insurance and your insurer is responsible for insuring you if you’re injured. According to Snyder: “I’m hoping people can come to the table from the various parties and say,

People often forget that in Michigan it’s illegal to text and drive. Did you know, according to the National Safety Council, that nearly 3 million people are injured in automobile accidents each year? That’s nearly 1 accident every minute. Texting and driving is a substantial cause of these accidents, and Goodwin & Scieszka doesn’t want

Our roads are deteriorating because of our harsh Michigan winters and the lack of resources to overhaul the state’s roads. Did you know that you sometimes can sue the governmental entity that’s responsible for maintaining your roads? Seriously, there’s a statute that confers the right to sue the person/entity that’s responsible for maintaining the roads:

Reckless Driving in Michigan

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What does it mean to drive recklessly? In Michigan, if you drive with a willful or wanton disregard for the safety of others, then you could be guilty of a misdemeanor: imprisoned for not more than 93 days, fined $500, or both. If you cause serious bodily injury to another person as a result of

Bases on reports by the Michigan State Police, from 2009-2012, encounters between deer and motor vehicles has dropped substantially: 61,486 to 48,918 based on traffic reports. People are in agreement that the numbers are down, but there’s disagreement as to the cause. Are people driving less? Are there less deer? Are people driving better and