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Our roads are deteriorating because of our harsh Michigan winters and the lack of resources to overhaul the state’s roads. Did you know that you sometimes can sue the governmental entity that’s responsible for maintaining your roads? Seriously, there’s a statute that confers the right to sue the person/entity that’s responsible for maintaining the roads:

Reckless Driving in Michigan

Wednesday, 23 October 2013 by

What does it mean to drive recklessly? In Michigan, if you drive with a willful or wanton disregard for the safety of others, then you could be guilty of a misdemeanor: imprisoned for not more than 93 days, fined $500, or both. If you cause serious bodily injury to another person as a result of

Bases on reports by the Michigan State Police, from 2009-2012, encounters between deer and motor vehicles has dropped substantially: 61,486 to 48,918 based on traffic reports. People are in agreement that the numbers are down, but there’s disagreement as to the cause. Are people driving less? Are there less deer? Are people driving better and

Michiganders, our firm wants to remind all drivers that they should never, ever drink and drive a car, truck, or motorcycle. Did you know that nearly 3 million people are injured in automobile accidents each year? Don’t become another statistic, and keep yourself out of trouble. Michigan’s drinking and driving penalties are tough. Below is

Scott Goodwin recently appeared on WMUZ’s Bob Dutko Show. Hear the interview here: WMUZ 103.5FM Interview Scott was proud to have this opportunity to spend time on the Bob Dutko Show. He has been helping his clients win their cases for over 30 years. From personal injury to dog bites to birth trauma, Scott has

Detroit has a laundry list of problems, and adding to that list are the thousands of stray dogs roaming the streets. People without jobs, forced to move out of their homes, who are fighting just to feed themselves were unable to care for their animals, and as a result they had to turn them loose.

At common law, if somebody killed your brother or sister, then any claim against that person was said to die with the victim. Today, that’s not the case. There is a wrongful death statute in Michigan that enables family members to recover when their loved ones are wrongfully killed: Sec. 2922. (1) Whenever the death

According to the Michigan Deer Crash Coalition, October and November are the most dangerous months for deer accidents. Did you know that in 2011, there were 48,918 reported car-deer crashes in Michigan? According to the Michigan Deer Crash Coalition’s Chairman, Richard J. Miller: “Statistics show that most motorist deaths and injuries occur when drivers swerve

Goodwin & Scieszka is a Michigan personal injury law firm that specializes in Michigan car, truck, and motorcycle accidents. In an effort to inform drivers, we would like to draw attention to only some of the government’s efforts to make the roads safer by regulating the trucking industry. Drug and Alcohol Testing Drivers are required

Medical malpractice is an area of the law that concerns healthcare. Medical malpractice happens when a doctor or healthcare provider is negligent in handling your medical care or the care of a loved one. It is a serious situation that can have acute consequences for the victims and their families. Nearly 200,000 people are killed