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A 54-year-old Sterling Heights woman was trying to defend her tiny Cairn Terrier against a Boxer Labrador when she was bitten. She received multiple wounds and lost her finger as a result of the accident. While it hasn’t been released what finger was lost, or whether or not it will be reapplied to the woman’s

In our last blog post, we covered the tragic accident that took the lives of 3 generations of family members. The family was leaving a Tigers game; they were on the Lodge, and were injured as a result of a rollover accident after a reckless driver tried speeding past their car. So, in an effort

Brian Kelly, Daniel Kelly, Keeland Johns, who are all related, and a fourth unidentified passenger were involved in a tragic car accident that left Brian, Daniel, and Keeland dead. They had come to Detroit to watch the Tigers play, and after leaving early Monday morning, at approximately 1 am, a speeding Chevrolet Monte Carlo hit

Look ma, no hands! Seriously, no hands… Four jurisdictions are drafting potential legislation to enable driverless cars to, well, drive around; and Michigan could be one of them. Welcome to the future… Governor Rick Snyder is even backing the idea, and there are hopes that a bill will be passed by the end of the

Michigan is one of 11 states that received an F on its last report card for its failing and inadequate nursing homes; this is according to a study by the organization known as Nursing Home Report Cards. Most people don’t know that nursing home abuse and personal injuries are an ongoing problem in the profession.

The United States Department of Transportation defines a “truck accident” as any accident involving a vehicle that weighs more than 10,000 pounds. More than half of a million people are injured in trucking accidents every year.

Have you been hit by a truck in Michigan? If so, who do you sue?

brown cartoon dog with sharp teeth barkingAlmost 1 million people were hospitalized last year from dog bites and attacks. A significant number of those victims were children.

Children are particularly vulnerable to dog bites and attacks because of their small stature. Dogs that aren’t dangerous often injure children when they jump on them to play. Kids bitten by dogs often suffer from severe emotional trauma from the injury, and it can even affect the remainder of their lives.

So what can you do to avoid an animal related injury with a young child?

Police in Lansing are pulling people over on I-96 looking for seat belt violations, speeding, and ensuring that everyone is moving over. Why move over?

Because it’s the law.

What’s the Move Over Law?

Michigan’s Move Over law is about giving emergency vehicles their right of way. People who fail to pull onto the shoulder or merge into the outside lane can be subject to penalties under the law.

Scott Goodwin is being recognized as one of Michigan’s top personal injury lawyers… again.

What was formerly known as the Michigan Trial Lawyer Association, it is now the Michigan Association for Justice (MAJ), and it is an organization that promotes fairness through Michigan’s court systems.

Mr. Goodwin is currently serving as the chairman of MAJ’s judicial qualifications.

Nearly 3 million people are injured in an automobile-related accident every year. That amounts to an accident every minute! A staggering amount of those injuries are a result of people driving while intoxicated. According to MADD, almost every hour, someone’s life is taken as a result of a drunk driver.

If you’ve been injured because someone else was driving drunk, then follow the Goodwin & Scieszka 5 steps.