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Cowboy falling off of horse in old western town

In Grattan Township, Michigan, Michael John Dean, 36, admitted to a June 3rd crash where he struck a person riding a horse with his car and then fled the scene. Witnesses attested to a black Jeep Cherokee that hit the horse; the same car that Dean owned. However, upon questioning, Dean said that the damage

Semi-truck roll over accident

The accident that changed the industry only 5 months ago: In Springfield, Missouri, a man left for his usual truck route early in the morning, driving 11 straight hours. Unfortunately, in Miami, Oklahoma, disaster struck. A fatal truck accident that caused over 10 deaths. However, the 76 year old driver walked away unscathed. The cause

Old, rusted ferry boat sinking in water

A Michigan man’s sailboat capsized on Sunday a half mile off the coast of Lake Michigan. The incident occurred by the Muskegon Water Filtration Plant. The 23-foot Macgregor sailboat washed up on shore around 6:15 pm. The sailor was thrown from the boat and found wading in the water. He was rescued and taken to

Car accident with two small cars and a train

Yesterday, in Meridian Township, Michigan, two different vehicles were involved in similar, yet separate car-train accidents. The accidents occurred 5 hours apart from each other at the Okemos Road crossing just north of Grand River Ave. Both drivers disobeyed logic and the traffic signal to drive around closing train barricades. Both drivers then got stuck

Michigan Car Crash in Hartford

Wednesday, 28 May 2014 by

Police are still investigating a severe car crash in Hartford, Michigan. The crash occurred at 5 a.m. Saturday morning. 22 year-old Carlos Meza Jr. was found dead at the scene after his Dodge Avenger apparently lost control and crashed into a tree. The car caught on fire, and it’s still not certain whether or not

Are they miracles? It’s hard to tell. Here are your two random stories for the week that’ll make you wonder… A teenage Michigan woman was driving back to school in Grand Rapids while talking to her boyfriend on the telephone. She swerved to avoid a skunk, skidded off the road and into a guardrail. Fortunately,

Gas Explosion in Genesee County

Wednesday, 23 April 2014 by
Fireball explosion into the air

A building that houses ambulances in Genesee County exploded after it filled with gas. The explosion occurred at the MMR building at the corner of Saginaw and Wisner around 10 am this morning. Consumer Energy immediately responded to the scene and fortunately there were no injuries. What causes gas leaks? Faulty gas appliances Poor pipework

Plane crashed into a field

On April 19, 2 men, 63 and 49 years old, were killed in a plane crash in Shiawassee County. Both men were pronounced dead at the scene of the accident. Nearby residents saw the plane’s landing gear come down, which was followed by a loud impact. While little is still known about the cause of

A Kalamazoo County Car Crash

Wednesday, 16 April 2014 by
Aftermath of a car accident with two red cars

Last night, a pickup traveling north in the southbound lane struck and killed another driver in a Ford Mustang on US-131 in Plainwell, Michigan – just outside of Kalamazoo County. The driver of the Mustang was identified as Jaryd Ford, who died at the scene of the accident according to police. The pickup’s driver was

We’ve had cold mornings the past couple of days with the temperature staying well below freezing. Isn’t it supposed to be spring yet? According to, warming temperatures are concerning as isolated freezing rain will hit already cold roadways: Don’t cancel any plans. Just be alert and drive a little slower this morning when you