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Two children were injured when they fell from a ferris wheel at the Chelsea Community Fair on the night of August 21, 2014. At approximately 8:20 PM, witnesses described seeing the children, an 8-year-old boy and a 16-year-old girl, falling 15-20 feet to the ground after their cab on the Ferris wheel tipped forward. Paramedics

Just days before his 39th birthday, Richard Colletti of Clinton Township, MI was killed while shopping at the Menards in Chesterfield Township. Colletti and his wife were in the store the morning of August 30, 2014 when a 400-500 pound pallet of ceramic tiles and other flooring supplies fell from a shelf 12-15 feet high.

Jack Hood of Valparaiso, Michigan, was killed in a car accident that occurred at 1 p.m. on Tuesday. According to the police department, Mr. Hood was found paralyzed and without consciousness when they arrived at the scene. He died later that day. The accident occurred near LaPorte County Road 300 North when a person pulled

Why Even O’Connor was walking along M-14 early in the morning on May 19th is still unknown, however police are still looking for the driver who hit and killed the 35 year-old that morning. O’Connor’s family doesn’t know why their son was even in Ann Arbor, Michigan, on the day of the accident. He works

A 120 mph July 3rd police pursuit ended in a fatal car a crash. Davonte Deshaun Grover had smoked crack just before he led police officers on the high speed chase that ultimately killed Tiphanie Fayette Mayfield. The 3 minute chase began on Fulton Street and Eldridge Avenue before it ended near the Hurley Medical

In Grattan Township, Michigan, Michael John Dean, 36, admitted to a June 3rd crash where he struck a person riding a horse with his car and then fled the scene. Witnesses attested to a black Jeep Cherokee that hit the horse; the same car that Dean owned. However, upon questioning, Dean said that the damage

The accident that changed the industry only 5 months ago: In Springfield, Missouri, a man left for his usual truck route early in the morning, driving 11 straight hours. Unfortunately, in Miami, Oklahoma, disaster struck. A fatal truck accident that caused over 10 deaths. However, the 76 year old driver walked away unscathed. The cause

Just outside of Kalamazoo, three people are recovering as a result of a 4 car rollover crash that happened on Sunday afternoon on U.S. 131 Northbound near Oshtemo Township. Fortunately, none of the injuries are life threatening. The crash closed U.S. 131 for about an hour around 2 in the afternoon. Traffic slowed and a

A Michigan man’s sailboat capsized on Sunday a half mile off the coast of Lake Michigan. The incident occurred by the Muskegon Water Filtration Plant. The 23-foot Macgregor sailboat washed up on shore around 6:15 pm. The sailor was thrown from the boat and found wading in the water. He was rescued and taken to

Yesterday, in Meridian Township, Michigan, two different vehicles were involved in similar, yet separate car-train accidents. The accidents occurred 5 hours apart from each other at the Okemos Road crossing just north of Grand River Ave. Both drivers disobeyed logic and the traffic signal to drive around closing train barricades. Both drivers then got stuck