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Michigan Skiing Law

Friday, 14 March 2014 by

Fresh powder! We’ve got serious snow! Is anybody else going to northern Michigan to ski or snowboard this weekend? If not, consider some “Pure Michigan” to get you through the rest of this never-ending winter. Most people aren’t aware that there are laws on the books regulating Michigan skiing: seriously, the Ski Area Safety Act

1. January 4-5 was Flint’s worst snowstorm ever recorded: 17 inches of accumulation. 2. The December 21-22 ice storm was one of the worst ice storms the state has seen in a number of years. There was almost a solid inch of ice accumulation on top of the snow that we already had. 3. Remember

The Michigan Workers’ Disability Compensation Act establishes a no-fault remedy for work-related injuries and disabilities. The act applies to all public employees. If an injured worker meets the applicable injury requirements – a personal injury/occupational disease – that both arose out of employment and occurred during the course of employment, that person is eligible to

Praise from a Previous Client

Wednesday, 05 March 2014 by

“In regards to personal injury attorneys, Mr. Goodwin is the finest. His tenacity, intellect, and compassion are what make him an exceptional attorney. When he first took on my case, he assured me that I had nothing to worry about other than getting well. He kept me well informed throughout the entire legal process, explained things

Here is a very cursory listing of some of Michigan’s courts and their primary functions. While these courts can deal in other matters, these are the scenarios in which you’ll most likely encounter them. The Michigan Supreme Court – this is the highest court in our state, and is comprised of 7 Supreme Court justices.

I feel like all you hear about lately are potholes: potholes here, potholes there, potholes are everywhere. Jon Hoadley, a candidate running for the 60th district of the Michigan State House of Representatives, started a website to document Michigan’s terrible pot hole problem: While this blog is not intended to serve as an endorsement for

February 2014 Michigan Bar Results

Thursday, 27 February 2014 by

Click here: RESULTS ARE IN! Your two-day fight is over. Take a deep breath because you’ve done all that you can do. Goodwin & Scieszka would like to congratulate the February 2014 Michigan bar examinees. Wondering when you’ll have your February 2014 results? According to the Michigan State Bar: ​Examination results are generally released in

Goodwin and Scieszka would like to take the time to wish good luck to everyone taking the February bar examination. It’s a right of passage into the profession and an opportunity to show the graders that you’re competent to practice law in the beautiful state of Michigan. We did it, and you can too. You’re

The Michigan No Fault Act covers “ownership, operation, maintenance, or use of a motor vehicle.” A motor vehicle is any vehicle with two or more wheels that is designed for the public highway (including trailers). Motorcycles are excluded from this definition and require liability insurance. You have to meet the statutory threshold to sue in

What is a Nuisance?

Thursday, 20 February 2014 by

A nuisance is a private lawsuit based on negligence, intentional conduct or strict liability. A recent lawsuit made news in California concerning Sriracha – the popular hot sauce – after the company’s chili plant caused severe reactions among local residents. Processing over a million pounds of red chili peppers a year, neighbors complain of eye-watering,