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Railroad Tracks.

Here in the state of Michigan, it’s very common for cars to be damaged by conditions of roadways. Very commonly, the main culprit is potholes. Every year, there are reports of cars being damaged by large potholes that come along with the freeze/thaw cycles that inevitably come every year. But another thing that can potentially

Two deer are seen crossing a road.

During the fall and early winter, there are a lot of driving hazards people need to be aware of. Diminished daylight can make people feel drowsy and make it harder to see. Fallen leaves can make roads slippery and dropping temperatures may also create icy spots on the road. And, here in Michigan, there’s another

Close-up of railroad tracks.

Car and pedestrian accidents at railroad crossings are more common than you might realize. The U.S. Department of Transportation estimates that a person or vehicle is hit by a train in the United States every three hours. In 2020 alone, there were 1,377 motor vehicle collisions at public rail grade crossings that resulted in 494

A smiling teen girl in the driver's seat of a car holding the keys.

Having a teen take their first steps toward becoming a licensed driver is a momentous event for any family. Aside from the significance of it being a sign that your child is getting closer to adulthood and living an independent life, it can be a major change for your household. All of a sudden, you

Cars drive on a road at dusk with headlights on.

The changes that come with daylight savings time aren’t always easy for people to adjust to. Time changes can be very difficult for some people to adjust to since they can interfere with their sleep cycles. And when people aren’t sleeping well, it can cause more serious problems than simply having a hard time concentrating

Dog holding a leash in its mouth.

Very often, dog owners like to take their pets out and about in the car with them. Sometimes they just head to the neighborhood dog park to play or to visit the vet’s office, but many dog owners like to hit the road with their pets for road trips so that they can have even

Two car tires stacked.

Getting a flat tire is something that will inevitably happen to just about every driver at some point. It can easily happen to anyone, regardless if they drive a minimal amount or drive many miles a day or whether they spend a lot of time on the freeway or mostly stick to side streets. But

Teenage girl driving car.

Once a teen graduates from high school, they have a whole new world of opportunities in front of them. It’s time to take those first steps toward living like an adult and for many people, that means going off to college where they’ll start working toward a career and live away from their parents for

Mechanic takes notes while another person works under a car hood.

When people bring their cars in for repairs, they do so feeling like the mechanic’s shop is one of the safest places it could be. After all, the people who work there know cars inside and out and are supposed to be experts at taking good care of them, right? The last thing anyone expects

A teen girl sits in the driver seat of a car holding the car keys in her hand.

Once a teen has spent their summer vacation earning their Level 2 or Level 3 driver’s license and has maybe just gotten their first car, what’s one place they’re bound to spend a lot of time driving to? School. With back-to-school season just around the corner, they may be looking forward to starting the school