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Workplace accidents can have a devastating effect on a person and the situation can become even more difficult if an employer is trying to dispute the severity of your injuries. Perhaps they want to make it seem like your injuries aren’t as serious as you claim to be or that the effects of your injuries

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Training can provide a wide range of benefits for a company, such as improved employee retention and improved performance and productivity. But one of the biggest benefits of training is that it can help create a safer work environment. Many types of workplaces have very serious safety hazards that employees need to be trained on.

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The simple fact of the matter is that most people need to work to earn a living. Unfortunately, many employers out there are willing to take advantage of the fact that people depend on their jobs to provide for themselves and their families. This can include pressuring people to work extra hours, being asked to

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When we talk about workplace injuries, we’re often talking about injuries caused by things like falls, exposure to unsafe conditions, and being struck by equipment. But there is another significant cause of injuries which deserves to be talked about as well: violence in the workplace. What is Occupational Violence? OSHA defines occupational violence as, “any

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There are many reasons why people might start working again after retirement or to delay their retirement. Sometimes, they need the extra money. But in other cases, people might decide to resume working for the social connection and personal fulfillment it provides or to assist a former employer. Regardless of why someone might resume or

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There are lots of ways to earn a living by working jobs that only last for a limited amount of time. Sometimes, offices need to hire temporary employees to help out with a project or to fill in while someone is on leave. Or, very often, companies in certain industries hire temporary employees on a

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You don’t need us to tell you how stressful the holidays can be — especially if you work in certain types of industries. People who work in retail, shipping, logistics, warehouses, and travel or for the postal service know this all too well. But when times are stressful, it can become more likely for people

A teenager serves a customer in a fast food restaurant.

Teens play an important role in the workforce. Even though they’re only just starting to enter the working world, workers under the age of 24 represented about 12% of the entire American workforce in 2020. But while many people in this age range are only working on a part-time basis, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re

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When people talk about common causes of workplace injuries, they tend to talk about things like falls, overexertion, transportation accidents, and exposure to harmful substances. But when you get right down to it, what are the root causes that lead to those types of events? Very often, fatigue can be cited as a contributing factor. 

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When teens start thinking about getting their first job, they generally don’t think about them in terms of opportunities to work with chemicals. But while teens aren’t working in places like scientific laboratories, chemicals are widely used in many other types of jobs that teens may find themselves working. For example, sanitation is crucial anywhere