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Meeting Michigan Legal Client Needs

Here is the video transcription

“Here the client’s needs are most important. We want to make sure that the client understands there’s communication between the lawyer and the client at all stages of the case. Initially we’re going to get medical records, we’re going to find out the truth, we’re going to find out what happened – it’s the investigative stage. Then we’re going to make sure that we make contact with the insurance company and see if they’re willing to resolve the case. Sometimes the insurance company knows that they’re responsible for what took place and they’re going to admit liability. Sometimes they won’t pay the fair value of your case. We always ask for client input in terms of what their case is worth to them. Some clients have special situations where they need the case settled right away. They can’t wait a year or two years or they can’t wait for an appeal to go through the whole court process. So, we hear what the clients have to say. We evaluate what the client’s needs are and it’s all about what the client’s needs are. It’s not about what my needs are. I have plenty of cases. It’s about what the client wants and what the result is that they’re looking for.”