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Michigan Outside Vendors Lawyers

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Michigan Outside Vendors Lawyers

“What’s very important in Michigan, that employer’s make sure that their workplace is safe. Not only for their own employees but remember, outside vendors come into a work environment. They’re not inherently understanding of that environment, they’re not working their every day, they may be delivering a package, they may be picking up goods from that particular location and they need to be protected too. I recently had a case where a person was coming in to deliver paperwork to an office and a high-load driver ran over them. Unfortunately that person was seriously injured, both his feet were broken, he can’t walk again and that’s because the high-load driver wasn’t taking the precautions to watch for other people on the work floor. The way the workplace was set up, it required the person who was delivering goods to walk across the plant floor and get paperwork from an office and he was in harm’s way. There was too many items stacked up on both sides of the entry way to this particular job site and he wound up in harm’s way. So it is very important that employers recognize that not only their own employees need to safe and clean, safe work environment, but it needs to be made safe for people that visit from the outside.”

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