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What Constitutes a Personal Injury?

When you’ve suffered a serious injury, your top priority is getting the medical assistance you need. Your next focus should be assessing the circumstances of your injury and determining whether it was caused by another party’s mindlessness and/or misconduct, also known as negligence.


The Personal Injury Process

After you’ve contacted a personal injury attorney, you’re probably wondering what happens next. Legal cases don’t go straight to court like dramatic TV shows intimate. The legal process time, research and diligence, as your attorneys determine whether your case has what it takes to win.


Hire Us

If you’ve been injured and are considering legal action, choosing a personal injury law firm is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make. The right attorney will scrape and claw for every penny you deserve.


How to Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer

Every two seconds in America someone is injured or disabled in a traffic accident. Sometimes the injuries are obvious and life threatening. Other times, even serious symptoms may not become apparent…


What to Expect in a Settlement

Dog bites can be serious and terrifying events, especially for children. Dog and animal saliva often carries bacteria that can cause infection, and the experience of being bitten by an animal can be traumatizing…


What to Expect in a Trial

Because of the shock and pain associated with birth trauma and the harm to your loved ones, dealing with the repercussions of these injuries can be a lonely journey. Sometimes the injuries are obvious…





$1.8 million settlement won in an auto negligence case. The plaintiff was seriously injured when a box truck turned in front of the motorcycle causing a collision. Attorney Scott Goodwin settled the case at facilitation for $1.8 million in 2009.
$1.4 million settlement won in a case involving a City of Detroit bus and a pedestrian.
$1.4 million settlement won in a case involving an uninsured motorist involved in an auto accident.
 $1.1 million settlement won in a case involving a propane explosion at a private residence.
$985K award for a rear seat passenger who was injured in an auto crash and ejected from the vehicle.
$800K award for an auto crash where the client suffered a closed head injury.
$1 million award for a hayride accident wherein a minor suffered traumatic brain injury.
$625,000 Award against Bus Driver and School District involved in accident.


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