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Michigan Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Why Hire a Lawyer?

Doctors are trusted to take care of their patient’s health, but a single mistake can have severe consequences for ourselves and loved ones. Doctors are some of the most trusted professionals we encounter in our lifetimes, and when they make mistakes the consequences can be catastrophic.

If the health of you or a loved one has suffered because of a doctor’s medical malpractice, you may be entitled to a settlement or financial compensation. If you believe you have been the victim of medical malpractice, it is important to contact an experienced Michigan lawyer as soon as possible. Too many medical malpractice victims don’t receive the compensation– and justice– they deserve because they don’t reach out to a knowledgeable Michigan attorney. Medical malpractice cases can be long, difficult and confusing for those unfamiliar with the court system. We have the expertise, drive and determination to get you the settlement you deserve.

Our attorneys have dealt with dozens of Michigan medical malpractice cases. We have seen how painful, worrisome and financially difficult these situations can be. Our attorneys are standing by to help you win the compensation you and your loved ones are entitled to. At Goodwin & Scieszka, we put forth our best effort to make sure everyone, regardless of their financial situation, can get the settlement they’re entitled to. Call us anytime, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and we will be more than happy to help you. Remember, at Goodwin & Scieszka we fight for you.


Medical malpractice happens when a doctor or healthcare provider is negligent in handling your medical care or the care of a loved one. It is a serious situation that can have acute consequences for the victims and their families.

  • Nearly 200,000 people are killed every year by medical errors in the United States, and between 15,000 and 20,000 malpractice suits are brought against doctors and healthcare professionals every year.
  • If you think you have been the victim of medical malpractice in Michigan, don’t attempt to fight alone for what is owed to you.
Our attorneys are here to help, and to guide you through the complex judicial process for you and your loved ones. Remember, our lawyers fight for You.

Goodwin’s 5 Steps

The National Academy of Sciences reports that negligent doctors and hospitals are accidentally killing and harming more US citizens than AIDS, breast cancer, and auto accidents combined. The only way to improve health care is to get justice for those affected, and make the medical industry pay for their mistakes financially. If you suspect that you have suffered from medical malpractice take these five steps to protect your rights and ensure you receive the full compensation entitled to you by law:

Move quickly!

Many malpractice cases have a “statute of limitations,” or a time frame when legal proceedings may be brought against a medical provider or institution. If you wait too long to begin your process of justice, it may be too late. In Michigan you must often begin proceedings no later than two years from the time of injury.

Obtain copies of documents

Get copies of all documents relating to your case no matter how inconsequential they may seem. Move quickly, as occasionally documents can be “lost” after proceedings have started.

Create a list of all doctor visits and prescriptions

Record each visit to a doctor or healthcare professional. Note everyone involved in your care and make a note of the medical environment for each day.

Record in detail exactly what happened

Write down exactly what happened, how you were affected and when the injuries happened. Don’t wait, because it is possible you will forget certain, small details that could mean the difference between winning and losing your case.

Contact a licensed Michigan attorney

Don’t leave anything to chance! Let an experienced Michigan lawyer assist you through the complex medical malpractice legal process. Contact Goodwin & Scieszka anytime, 24 hours a day. If you were affected by medical malpractice our attorneys are available to support you and to help ensure you receive the full care, compensation and justice you deserve. Remember, our lawyers fight for you.