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Michigan Childhood Firearms Injuries Lawyers

“Childhood injuries are a very important part of our practice. Over 6,500 children die every year as a result of gun violence, weapons that are used, could be a firearm that doesn’t have a trigger lock on it. Parents are responsible to put trigger locks on their weapons when they’re stored in a home. Could be a kid with an air pistol, BB gun, whatever the situation is. If someone was injured by a firearm you want to give me a call right away. We can evaluate your case, investigate the facts, make sure that we can contact the homeowners’ insurance because in these cases homeowners’ insurance, even if the gun is carried away from the home, homeowners’ insurance is going to take care of the needs of the person who is injured.”







Michigan Outside Vendors Lawyers

“What’s very important in Michigan, that employer’s make sure that their workplace is safe. Not only for their own employees but remember, outside vendors come into a work environment. They’re not inherently understanding of that environment, they’re not working their every day, they may be delivering a package, they may be picking up goods from that particular location and they need to be protected too. I recently had a case where a person was coming in to deliver paperwork to an office and a high-load driver ran over them. Unfortunately that person was seriously injured, both his feet were broken, he can’t walk again and that’s because the high-load driver wasn’t taking the precautions to watch for other people on the work floor. The way the workplace was set up, it required the person who was delivering goods to walk across the plant floor and get paperwork from an office and he was in harm’s way. There was too many items stacked up on both sides of the entry way to this particular job site and he wound up in harm’s way. So it is very important that employers recognize that not only their own employees need to safe and clean, safe work environment, but it needs to be made safe for people that visit from the outside.”



Positive Force for Change

“Well Goodwin and Scieszka we’re a positive force for change. We want to make sure that this doesn’t happen again, that another family doesn’t have to go through this situation that you find yourself in. We make sure that rules are changed, procedures are changed, that the doctors understand what went wrong, that nobody hides behind privileges, that the truth comes out, that we secure the benefits their child needs and that it will protect future children that are being born. We’re here to help. We’re here to listen. We’re here to find out the truth.”







Michigan Medical Malpractice Statute of Limitations

“In Michigan, there’s this time limitation which is called a Statute of Limitation on when you can file your lawsuit. It’s generally two years from the date the malpractice occurred – not the date that you discover malpractice but the date that the actual medical malpractice occurred and that’s a very important distinction because we get calls all the time and people say, ” I just found out I had medical malpractice on me”, “I just found out I had this problem that should have been addressed a year or two ago.” We have to make sure that we have enough time to get the records, have the experts review the medical records and give us an opinion before we file a lawsuit. If you feel you’re a victim of medical malpractice that you call us immediately, don’t wait until it’s too late. Don’t suffer in silence. Call us right now.”





Michigan Open & Obvious Lawyers

“Open and Obvious was a defense that grew out of a particular case in the case law and basically the Michigan Supreme Court has extended that provision out, almost eliminating slip and fall cases in Michigan and they just say that if you should see what you fell on then you should have either walked the other way, you shouldn’t have walked into a pothole. The problem is a lot of the times you can’t see these things on casual observance. You know, you’re walking into a restaurant and there’s water on the floor and it’s clear liquid so you can’t see the clear liquid. You’re walking on in an area where there’s ice that formed and it’s clear black ice, that’s what black ice is and you can’t see it or it’s at night and you can’t see the hazard but unfortunately that’s one of the big issues we fight with all the time is this Open and Obvious defense and we’re here to protect our clients from the beginning so that they understand the law and that they don’t get taken to the cleaners by an insurance company or business denying them their claim. “





Money Damages

“In Michigan you’re entitled to money damages. When we’re talking about compensation for personal injuries it really is about money damages. That’s going to compensate you for all your losses – medical bills that are paid, pain and suffering that comes about from a personal injury case, those are all important damage aspects of personal injury. We’re not talking about necessarily property damage although whenever there’s an auto accident there’s property damage but when we’re recovering for a personal injury it’s personal injuries to yourself and most of the time the only recovery in America and in Michigan is money damages and money damages are obviously important because they’re going to compensate you for your loss and many times people don’t understand it and certain circumstances when we’re dealing with personal injuries, your own health insurance will pay some bills and in certain circumstances that health insurance gets to get repaid from any settlement that you make. So, I’ve had clients that have settled their cases. They were clients before me but after the fact they went in and settled their case and they found out “Oh no! I have to take some of this money now that I thought was going to me and it has to repay Blue Cross or repay some health insurance provider” and that’s a problem because they didn’t get what they were fully entitled to under the personal injury laws in Michigan.”



Michigan Insurance Lawyers

“And a lot of my clients talk about the fact that they can’t believe that wait a minute, I slipped and fell, I hurt myself, some doctor caused the problem for me, some dog, vicious dog bit me and now I have to pay back my health insurance that I’ve already been paying premiums to. Well, that, it may seem not right but the reality is they’re paying for something that they shouldn’t be paying for. Even in the homeowner’s situation if somebody, some car ran into your house, OK? Your homeowners would pay to fix your own home but then they would get the money back from the other car owner’s insurance company so it is very important that we make sure that we get enough money that every bill is satisfied.”







Michigan Injury Attorney

“Alright, here’s what we do at the law firm every day – we help injured victims. They don’t know where to turn and we’re here to help them every day to solve their problems. People get injured. It disrupts their lives. Nobody expects an injury, nobody expects a car accident. Doesn’t matter who you are, accidents happen every day. People get attacked by dogs, people go in for surgeries, elective surgeries. They’re supposed to be out the next day, they’re stuck there for weeks. They don’t know where to turn. Our goal here is to help people to be a positive force for change, then make sure what happens to them doesn’t happen to somebody else.”







Michigan Drinking & Driving Lawyer

“Unfortunately at Goodwin & Scieszka we see many teens whose lives have been destroyed by a person who was drinking and driving. We hear so many horror stories about people going to prom, people going to graduation parties and unfortunately on their way home somebody that was drinking or misusing drugs wound up hitting them and destroying and shattering their lives. I’m a parent. I don’t want my kids being hit by someone that is drinking and driving. It’s all too often that we hear these stories and they affect an entire community. We want to be a positive force for change here at Goodwin & Scieszka. We want to make sure that no one escapes the ramifications of their drinking and driving. The legal system is here to prevent drinking and driving and it’s very important that people follow the rules. If you’re going out to party with your friends first of all you shouldn’t be driving and if you are partying with your friends then get one of those kids that you’re with not to drink and drive. You can always pick up the phone and call a parent, call a friend, call a taxi, ask the homeowner if you’re partying in someone’s house to help you out. But we want to make sure that no one escapes the legal system if they’ve been drinking and driving.”



Defective Design and Product Liability Lawyer

“Very important in “Defective Design” or “Warning” cases is that you give us a call right away. Product Liability in Michigan are very challenging cases. The laws are not in the victim’s favor here in Michigan because the manufacturers and the business community have found ways to skew the laws in their favor so it’s very important that if you suspect a product liability case, defective design, or warning issue, whatever the situation may be, that you give the experts a call right away. Over 26 years of helping the little guy fight the battles on product liability cases gives us the insight into how to handle your particular claim.”







Michigan Corporate Negligence Lawyer

“Here at Goodwin & Scieszka we don’t represent the corporations, we don’t represent insurance companies. We never have represented insurance companies. We only represent individuals. Individuals that were injured as a result of someone else’s negligence. It’s a “David and Goliath” type story and we’re here to help the little guy and the little guy needs to balance the playing field. They need to level the playing field here in order to get justice and the one thing that I can tell the folks out there is that justice is found in the courtroom, it’s found in a trial, it’s found one on one where you have court rules and nobody can take away your rights. You may not feel like that when you’re injured and a big corporation is coming after you and you’re trying to get compensation from the big corporation. But when we’re in the courtroom it’s me against the other attorney and that’s where we shine.”





Compensating Personal Injury Victims

“One of the most important ways I have to compensate a victim is money damages. When someone is injured we’re not going to go over there with a hammer and hit them in the knee. We’re going to get them money damages to compensate them for their injury. That’s basically what I do day in and day out. I try to find sources of compensation for our clients whether that’s insurance policies, excess insurance policies. We search for whatever assets we can find to compensate the victims for their injuries. We look for insurance policies, excess insurance policies, umbrella policies, wherever we find that insurance compensation we’re going to explore that angle. Whether it’s underinsured, motorist compensation, uninsured motorist compensation, homeowners’ insurance, whether it’s an excess policy, we’re going to look to find the money to get you the results you’re entitled to.”





Here to Help

“What’s really important whenever anybody is in an accident and they’re seriously injured a lot of times they’re in the hospital, they’re under a lot of medication, people call them, they visit them in their hospital room, sometimes the insurance adjusters call right away and try to take a recorded statement and that’s not fair and many times the questions that are asked of the injured individual are skewed in such a way that there’s no right answer. We’ve always heard that story about “when was the last time you beat your wife?” Wait a minute. I was never was beating my wife. But they ask a question in a way that they trap you into an answer which isn’t appropriate or isn’t fair and you should have the benefit of an experienced representative representing your rights and it’s very important for the Goodwin & Scieszka law firm. We’ve been representing people for over 26 years – that’s injured people, people that we’ve seen, thousands of families that we’ve reached out to and we’ve protected from the insurance companies. Remember if there’s a drunk driver involved in an accident the drunk driver is not calling you it’s the insurance company for the drunk driver. These are seasoned professionals, people that have been around the industry for a lot of years asking all kinds of questions trying to trample on your rights. It is very important to call a lawyer right away to protect your rights. We can make sure that we get all the compensation you’re entitled to. As a lawyer that’s been handling these cases for over 26 years I know the courtrooms, I know the judges in the Metro Detroit area, even outside of the Metro Detroit area. I understand the values of the cases which you may not understand the value of the case. I understand the law and the pitfalls in the law and whether or not you have a case that we can proceed to trial with or is it a case that we want to settle out of court based on maybe the client’s own history of other litigation or the client’s own history of preexisting injuries and also we don’t want an insurance company telling you just because you had a bad back in the past means that you don’t get any money in the future. That’s not the law and many times these insurance adjusters misstate the law and they’re not lawyers and they try to get you to settle very cheap, very early and once you sign that paper you can’t come back. I’ve seen so many times where people were injured. Let’s say they were complaining about a neck problem. They didn’t realize that what their problem was as the pain was radiating into their shoulder. They didn’t realize that what they had was a torn rotator cuff. So they could have settled their case early on as a result of just this neck injury and six months later the doctors finally discover, you know it’s really not your neck. You did have a neck injury but the source of your pain is from your torn rotator cuff and therefore you need surgery and then you’ve got 18 months of rehab and all the bills that come with that and all the pain and suffering that comes with that. We don’t want you to settle your case too soon. We want to make sure we protect your rights.”