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Young boy running around trampoline with tongue out

Injuries from backyard trampolines have doubled over the last five years, to more than 50,000 a year. An article in Pediatrics Magazine warned “Children shouldn’t use them at home, and their sale for private recreational use should be banned.” The study showed 93% of the injuries occurred at home, with the majority of kids colliding with another person, landing improperly or falling off. Always provide your children with constant supervision, don’t allow any gymnastic stunts, and allow only one person on at a time.

If your child or loved one is victim of a trampoline accident, it is possible you may be entitled to a settlement or financial compensation. Don’t suffer through this terrible time alone. We are here to help you get the justice you deserve. Our Michigan attorneys have handled many types of childhood injury cases, including ones involving trampolines, and will fight for you to get the compensation you are entitled to by law. There is no charge or legal fees for our lawyers to investigate childhood injuries unless and until we win money in your case. Remember, at Scott Goodwin Law P.C., we fight for you.

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