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Even under the best circumstances, taking care of patients isn’t easy. Every patient has their own unique needs and it’s important that nurses have enough time to check in on their patients. Unfortunately, far too many hospitals and other medical facilities are understaffed and the nurses on staff are unable to give every patient the care and attention they need.

When hospitals are understaffed, it’s very easy for dangerous mistakes to be made. If nurses are overworked and fatigued, the more likely it is that they’ll forget to give a patient a dose of medication or overlook changes in vital signs that could indicate a serious problem. It’s also more likely that a patient might fall by trying to get up and do something for themselves because nobody was able to help them. Patients in understaffed hospitals are also more likely to experience complications like infections and bedsores.

Numerous studies have been done that demonstrate the importance of adequate medical staffing levels, but far too often, healthcare facilities still try to cut corners to save money. One study published by The Lancet found that for every additional patient a nurse needs to care for, the likelihood of a patient dying within 30 days of admission increases 7%. Even temporary bouts of understaffing can put critically ill patients at a higher risk of death. A 2013 study by Penn also found that hospitals with higher staffing levels tend to have lower rates of readmission when compared to hospitals with lower staffing levels.

Determining appropriate staffing levels is a complicated matter, but it’s never acceptable for them to fall to the level that patient safety is jeopardized. If you or a loved one has been harmed by an error that occurred because of inadequate medical staffing, don’t hesitate to contact a medical malpractice attorney. At Scott Goodwin Law P.C., we aren’t afraid to stand up to big hospitals and insurance companies. Contact us for help with your case.

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