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Slip and Fall Accident Lawyer

It’s happened to all of us: we’ve slipped and fallen down hard. Some of us have injured ourselves in these falls, sometimes seriously. Many times these accidents are just what they are, accidents. But sometimes someone is responsible or negligent. Have you slipped on ice or snow that a homeowner didn’t shovel? Slip on a crack that should have been taken care of? Tripped on unsafe stairs or building? Slipped on a spill that should have been cleaned up?

If you have been harmed in a slip and fall accident, in certain cases you may be entitled to a settlement or financial compensation. Let our experienced, compassionate Michigan attorneys fight for you in your time of need. Don’t try to take on the insurance companies and legal system by yourself. We have the resources, skill, and grit to fight for the justice you deserve. Our Michigan lawyers will investigate any personal injury or slip and fall case with no charge or legal fees unless and until we win money for you. Remember, at Scott Goodwin Law P.C., we fight for you.

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Slip and Fall Injury FAQ

What Are Some Common Causes Of Slip And Fall Accidents?

Slip and fall accidents can be tragically common no matter how careful you are, and they can occur both at work or simply out in public. While a number of things can contribute to slip-and-falls, a few of the most common ones include:

  • Wet floors

  • Uneven floors

  • Spills

  • Unfinished concrete

  • Splashed grease or oil

  • Potholes

  • Unsalted ice

  • Missing handrail on stairs or ladders

  • Broken stairs

among others. These falls can be encountered in a number of environments, from the busiest restaurant to the quietest after-hours parking lot, and can have serious impacts on your health and well-being.

What Injuries Are Commonly Caused By Slip And Falls?

Slip and fall injuries can be surprisingly dangerous for how common they are, and they can range in severity from simply painful to potentially paralyzing and life-threatening. Among other types of injuries, some of the most common include:

  • Soft tissue damage

  • Knee damage

  • Cuts and bruises

  • Shoulder dislocations

  • Muscle strains

  • Spinal injuries

  • Traumatic brain damage

What Should I Do After A Slip And Fall Accident?

The steps to take after a slip and fall accident are crucial, and may vary slightly depending on where exactly the accident occurred. As many slip and falls happen in businesses such as retail stores and restaurants, the first step should be to contact the owner of the property or the manager of the business. From there you should seek immediate medical attention, as seeking the proper care can help your chances of recovery as well as increase your chances of being able to seek pain and suffering damages under your claim. Once you’ve begun your medical recovery, you should contact the services of a slip and fall injury attorney at Scott Goodwin Law P.C. to help you fight for justice against the property owner and big insurance companies.

While all this is going on, you should remember to never talk to the property owner or the insurance companies without a lawyer present, as these people may later testify against you.

How Long Do You Have To Report A Slip And Fall?

When it comes to handling a slip and fall accident, the time limits can vary depending on what you want to do. You should report all accidents immediately to the property owner or manager, but to file a claim, the state of Michigan provides up to three years to seek damages. You should act as quickly as possible however, as the physical environment can change over time, and it can become more difficult to prove the causes and facts behind your injury if you wait. Contact a slip and fall injury lawyer immediately to start verifying the facts behind your case and working to resolve your claims.