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The side mirror of a car being driven on a snowy road.

We’ve come a long way in terms of improving the safety of cars. It wasn’t all that long ago that backup cameras were considered a new, cutting edge feature, and now they’re standard on new vehicles.  Plus new cars often come with several other advanced safety features, such as automatic emergency braking (AEB), forward collision

Sleeping baby.

Having an appropriate amount of amniotic fluid is an important part of a healthy pregnancy. It helps support fetal growth, cushions the baby, and prevents the umbilical cord from becoming compressed. In some cases, typically in the third trimester or when a baby is overdue, an expectant mother might develop a condition known as oligohydramnios,

A man jogs at night.

Just because it’s starting to get dark outside or it’s a bit foggy out, that doesn’t necessarily mean people won’t be out walking or working near the road. For many people, they might only be able to get their daily jog in early in the morning or in the evening. Or if walking is part

A pile of wrapped holiday gifts.

It’s that time of the year again: the holidays are just around the corner and people are thinking about what gifts to give to the special people in their lives. For many people, that includes young children – whether it’s their own kids or their grandchildren, their nieces and nephews, or the children of their

A woman on the phone next to the open hood of a car.

It’s only a matter of time before a car needs to go in for some repair work. But, unfortunately, those trips to the mechanic don’t always happen at a convenient time. We don’t always get a chance to plan ahead for a day to bring the car into the shop. Nobody ever wants to find

Tree trimmer in a tree cutting a branch.

Many types of yard care projects are safe and easy for homeowners to do by themselves. However, tree trimming is one that is very often best left to professionals.  While tree trimming is important for many different reasons, from general tree health and aesthetics to preventing safety hazards, there are many risks involved with the

A mother buckles her baby into a car seat.

For the first several years of a child’s life, they’re going to spend a lot of time in car seats and booster seats. Finding the right seats for their child is a challenge many parents need to deal with, to say nothing of making sure that seat is installed properly in their vehicles. While car

A car's headlights seen driving on a foggy night.

As of October 2022, daylight saving time is something that millions of people in the United States need to deal with twice a year: once in the spring and once in the fall. While the United States Senate voted on (and passed) the Sunshine Protection Act of 2021, which would end the twice-a-year time change

A doctor and a nurse look at a file.

In any type of personal injury case, medical records are a critical type of evidence. This is true whether a case involves medical malpractice, a work-related injury, injuries caused by a slip-and-fall, birth trauma, or a car accident. It’s not at all uncommon for a party accused of causing an injury to try and deny

Colorful leaves on the ground next to a tree.

Fall has officially arrived. The weather has cooled off, the kids are back in school, and football season is in full swing. And, of course, lots of leaves have been turning colors and fall off of trees. As beautiful as those leaves can be, there’s no denying that falling leaves can have some downsides. Raking