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A newborn baby laying in a bed.

Blood clots happen to anyone, but there are a wide range of factors that can potentially increase a person’s risk of experiencing them. One of those risk factors is pregnancy or having recently given birth. Blood clots in the lungs are one of the most common causes of pregnancy-related deaths. According to the CDC, women

Side view of a white bathtub with a towel on the edge.

It’s never convenient to realize that your water heater isn’t working as it should. Nobody ever wants to be stuck taking cold showers or not having the hot water they need to wash their dishes or clothes. But when a hot water heater isn’t working as it should, it can be more than an inconvenience.

A row of medical professionals standing with folded arms.

Whether you’re a patient in a hospital, getting a checkup in a clinic, or receiving in-home care, nurses provide critical services. Working as a nurse can be an extremely rewarding career and it’s a job that’s in high demand. But as rewarding as it can be to know you’re making a difference in the lives

View of a person's hands on a car's steering wheel.

Here in the state of Michigan, high winds are a possibility at any time of year. We might get strong winds along with a winter snowstorm, with a strong thunderstorm during the summer, or even on days when there isn’t a storm of any kind. But when people think about weather conditions that can make

A pregnant woman rests her hand on her stomach.

Throughout any pregnancy, it’s critical for the mother’s medical condition to be carefully monitored by her doctor. There are a lot of things that need to be watched to make sure everything is progressing as expected and to detect signs of any potential complications. The sooner potential signs of complications are detected, the sooner they

Are Space Heaters Safe?

Wednesday, 22 February 2023 by
Close-up of the glowing red grill of a space heater.

Do you have a space heater around your house? Maybe you keep one in storage just in case your furnace ever stops working on a cold day and you need a way to stay warm while you wait for it to be fixed. Or maybe you have a home office in a basement that gets

A tired looking nurse looks out of a window.

Sometimes, a person’s work day might be longer than expected. They might be asked to work some extra hours to help the company deal with a busy time or take on extra shifts because of staffing issues. While the bigger paychecks that come with working overtime can be nice to have, it’s important to remember

Do Speed Bumps & Speed Humps Work?

Wednesday, 08 February 2023 by
A yellow road sign warning drivers about speed bumps.

Speeding is a major safety issue on the roads. In the state of Michigan alone, 24,555 car crashes in 2021 involved speeding. Additionally, excessive speed was cited as being a factor in 21% of fatalities in and 15.5% of suspected serious injuries in Michigan motor vehicle accidents the same year. In the time since the

A kitchen full of appliances.

On any given day, we encounter a wide range of consumer products. There are the day-to-day essentials we need in our lives, like food, drinks, and medications. There are the vehicles we use to get around and the appliances in our homes. There are also several types of products that people use so often that

Statue of lady liberty with scales of justice.

If you’re in a situation where you need to think about filing a personal injury lawsuit, one concept that’s going to be very important to your case is called a statute of limitations. This is true whether you were injured in a car accident, a slip and fall, in a case of medical malpractice, or