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The winter months can be treacherous for many reasons. Not only can Michigan get bitterly cold, the snow and ice increases the risk of being injured in a slip and fall accident. Truly anyone can become a slip and fall victim, especially when a reduced amount of daylight makes it harder to see patches of

The holiday season can be a stressful time of year for everyone and that includes pets. While your dog might not have to deal with things like holiday shopping, they can be stressed out by friends or family who stop by to spend the holidays with you, whether it’s for a quick visit to drop

There’s no place like home for the holidays and for millions of people in the United States, that means having to take a road trip so they can spend Thanksgiving or Christmas with their loved ones. For Thanksgiving 2018, AAA estimated that 48.5 million people would be driving at least 50 miles to their destination

Even with all the medical progress that has been made to help make giving birth safer, it’s still very easy for deliveries to become complicated and one common reason is because of breech deliveries. Breech births occur in about 1 in 25 full-term births and the reasons why breech births occur often aren’t well understood.

Car accidents are frustrating enough to deal with when only one other driver is involved, but they get exponentially more difficult when two, three, four, or more cars are involved. Like accidents that only involve one other car, chain reaction car accidents can happen for a wide variety of reasons, including driving too closely to

When dogs bite, it often feels like it happens completely out of the blue. One minute, you’re going for a walk in the park or visiting a friend, the next you’re suddenly the victim of a dog bite. Anytime injuries occur suddenly, it’s extremely overwhelming and it’s hard to know what to do next. Not

Giving birth is never easy, but sometimes, the baby needs some extra help making its way into the world. Every delivery is unique and there are many different reasons why intervention may be needed to deliver the baby as quickly as possible. In some cases, labor stalls out or the mother becomes too exhausted to

Over the past few years, bicycling has become an increasingly popular activity in the United States. Some enjoy it as a form of exercise, while others are looking for a more eco-friendly way to get around town. Although bicycling comes with a lot of benefits, cyclists face a lot of dangers as they ride, including

Being involved in a car accident is always upsetting, but hit-and-run accidents are particularly stressful to deal with. Even worse, hit-and-run accidents are far too common. In April 2018, research from AAA found that one hit-and-run accident happens every minute in the United States. In the state of Michigan, failing to stop at the scene

Car Seat Safety Tips for Kids

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When you have a child, a lot of your time is spent making sure your home is a safe place for them to be. You do things like make sure dangerous items are stored out of reach, cover your electrical outlets, and use baby gates to keep them away from staircases and other unsafe places,